Click here to download MDaemon Server 
2.0 Rel-V
1500 KB
SMTP/POP/LIST/MIME Server feature loaded. Auto-extraction, Scheduled mail collection, Domain Aliasing, User Aliasing, MDI, Customized Gateways, Suppression Files, Mailing Lists, Auto-Responders, Mail forwarding, Email firewall, File mailback catalogs + many more features! For more info, check the MDaemon Server Home Page.
Shareware $89.00
Click here to download FTGate
1.0 Beta 11
900 K
FTGate is a fully featured Mail Server with the following features : SMTP and POP3 Gateway Server, Multiple SmartPop accounts for retrieving mail from service providers pop3 mailboxes, works with most popular mail clients, RAS Dial-up or LAN connection, advanced scheduling of connection , Run program on connect, Multiple Domain Aliases, Aliases, Mailing lists, Auto-responders (simple and advanced), Finger server, System Mailbox for remote administration. FTGate is also compatible with WinGate. For more info, check the FTGate Home Page.
Shareware 30 day / 10 user trial
Click here to download OpenSoft ExpressMail Server
1880 KB
High performance 32-bit Internet/intranet mail server, installs in just a few minutes. Supports POP3/SMTP/MIME, includes remote administration utility, integrated remote access functions, SMTP firewall and many more powerful features. Fast transaction processing with DynMX (tm) kernel and highly threaded architecture. For more info, check the OpenSoft ExpressMail Server Home Page
Commercial Demo $225.00
Click here to download Cmail
1000 KB
SMTP / POP3 Mail Server for Windows95 / Windows NT. Mailing lists, Aliases, Fully integrated with dialup networking. Message validation. Only requires one internet account or registered domain, Multiple host support. Mail expolders. Works as a LAN EMail system as well as a LAN to Internet gateway. For more info, check the CMail Home Page
Commercial Demo 65 Pounds
Click here to download InTray
18 KB
This handy little program runs in your Win95 tray and acts as a SMTP/POP3 server, allowing you to run any POP3 mailing program from an SMTP account. For more info, check the InTray Home Page.
Click here to download Mailcoach
2177 K
Mailcoach is a SMTP/POP3 server with UUCP mail transport. This means that it can receive and deliver mail via LAN, to and from clients that are using a standard Internet mail software. For more info, check the Mailcoach Home Page.
Shareware $220.00
Click here to download InteleFax
2177 K
Email to Fax server for Windows 95 and Windows NT. Supports up to 8 fax modems. Can pick up email via POP and deliver via Fax. Also has a built in SMTP server so email can be sent directly to it for Fax delivery. Fax number can be placed in the email address or pulled from a userbase depending on configuration. Very easy to use. For more info, check the InteleFax Home Page
Commercial Demo
Click here to download SLmail95
1900 K
SMTP/POP3 mail server for Windows 95. Includes auto-responding and much more. For more info, check the Seattle Lab Home Page
Crippleware $189 / Free 14-day evaluation
Click here to download SVList
234 K
SVList is a mailing list server designed for use with any PC running Windows 95 and having a SMTP mail account with an Internet service provider. You can easily set up your own mail list. For more info, check the SVList Home Page.
Shareware $20.00
Click here to download Microsoft Exchange Technical Resource Kit CD-ROM 
30.1 MB
This download offers utilities which make implementing, maintaining, and supporting a Microsoft Exchange Server network even easier. It also contains additional product related documentation. For more info, check the Home Page.
Click here to download WebMail
23 K
This executable takes information from a form and lets you send detailed mail to a specific user with the form information in the mail sent. Users of WebMail can specifically curb the mail messages to however they see fit. For more info, check the WebMail Home Page.
Click here to download SMTP95
1.0 Beta
2.2 MB
This is the full (BETA) version of SMTP95, a SMTP/POP3/Finger Daemon and client for Windows95. Messages may be forwarded through the server to other accounts, or stored in the local database for local users. A simple list box gies the user easy access to recieved mail. For more info, check the SMTP95 Home Page
Shareware $21.00
Click here to download Mercur SMTP/POP3 Server
1580 K
MERCUR is a full featured SMTP/POP3-Server for Win95 and NT. The Server is running as a Systemservice and can be installed easily and configured easily with the assistance of the Windows NT Controlpanel. For more info, check the Mercur Home Page.
Click here to download Listserv
Win95 30-day Listserv demo from L-Soft.

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