FearNot Windows 95 System Lock
28 KB
This is the latest version of FearTec's FearNot Windows 95 system Lock. This version allows for colors and bitmaps to be selected. Also you can select to Logoff or Reboot your computer after a selected period of time. Also you can add a message to be viewed when a password to gain access to your computer is incorrect. For more info, check the FearNot2 Home Page
Click here to download RSA SecurPC
955 KB
The ABSOLUTE most cryptic encrypter there ever was. The encryption can not be copied because the user randomly makes there own encryption with random key strokes or random mouse movements during installation. Featured on New Media News and installs as a shell extension. Offers encryption to even those without the program itself. For more info, check the RSA SecurPC Home Page
Commercial Demo - $129.00
Click here to download Rapa Nui '95
429 KB
Great encryption for Windows 95. Uses the same encryption as Us Army (Blowfish). For more info, check the Rapa Nui '95 Home Page
Commercial Demo
Click here to download Environmental PassPhrase Setter for PGP
16 KB
Ever get tired of typing in your PGP pass phrase? Don't want to take the risk and setting the PGPPASS variable in Autoexec.bat? PassPhrase is for you! A tiny little app to set the variable from within Windows 95 safely and securely. Requires VB4 runtime files. For more info, check the Environmental PassPhrase Setter for PGP Home Page
Shareware $1.00
007 for Win32 
130 KB
007 for Win32 is an innovative software which allows you to password protect existing Win32 executables. You can effectively lock your most sensitive programs and utilities (like tax preparation or financial planning software) from unauthorized access. Only the person who knows protection password can run the program. For more info, check the 007 for Win32 Home Page
Shareware $29.95
Password Memorizer
3000 KB
Password Memorizer provides unsurpassed stability. Added features such as the "quick jump" button, along with a database system allow you to easily add, delete, or modify entries. Password Memorizer utilizes a strong encryption method to store your passwords. This assures that your password is safe and sound. For more info, check the Password Memorizer Home Page
Shareware $10.00
1670 KB
ExoDel provides secure deletion in Windows 95. It is a well-known fact that when you delete a file, it is not actually gone -- the file stays on your hard drive until another program needs the space it takes up, but is not shown. This program works like a paper shredder for computers. You can't afford to have others steal your sensitive data, and ExoDel is your solution. For more info, check the ExoDel Home Page
Shareware $9.00
753 KB
LockMaster is a data encryption/decryption program that prevents prying eyes from data. Features include File Compression, File Status Display (shows if file has been encrypted and/or compressed), File Backup(to ensure data integrity during encryption/decryption process), Encryption/Decryption of text Clipboard contents for easy E-Mail use (Note: Encrypted data is suitable for use with ANY E-Mail Client), Drag-And-Drop: Use the File Manager or Explorer to encrypt/decrypt files, Enhanced security through unique serial numbers (for registered copies). For more info, check the LockMaster Home Page
Shareware $30.00
Click here to download Cryptext
83 KB
Strong file encryption shell extension for Windows 95 and Windows NT 4. Completely integrated with the 95/NT4 shell, so if you know how to use Win95 you already know how to use Cryptext. For more info, check the Cryptext Home Page
1600 KB
Acrypt for Windows 95 can crypt/decrypt your files very easy. You can process multiple files in a automation action on a whole directory structure. For more info, check the Acrypt Home Page
Program Protector
1600 KB
Locks Windows95 and Windows NT programs. Place the program infront of ANY command line (BAT File, Win95 Shortcut, NT Program Manager Shortcut) and before you run the program you will be asked for a password. For more info, check the Program Protector Home Page
Commercial Demo - $20.00
Formlogic Surveillance Agent
1900 KB
Ever wonder what people do while you're away from your precious PC? Surveillance Agent helps you to discourage, monitor and prevent misuse of your software, hardware and the Internet. Record any activity for later perusal. Operates in two modes: Spy or Security Surveillance. For more info, check the Formlogic Surveillance Agent Home Page
Shareware $20.00
Click here to download StormWindows for Windows 95
989 KB
StormWindows will allow the authorized user to add several types and degrees of protection to the desktop and system of a Windows 95 computer. Intelligent use of StormWindows security measures will allow secure use of any shared Windows 95 computer.
Shareware $25.00
496 KB
A simple fast and effective PC security program. It features file or program locking 2 levels of encryption, full drag & drop supported. Hide or encrypt your personal files or images downloaded from the Internet from your work associates, spouse or children. Lock programs so only authorized people can have access (i.e. lock Netscape and your news reader so they cant be used). If you can use Explorer in Windows95 then you will be able to use SecuriT with ease. For more info, check the Secur-iT Home Page
Shareware $29.95
Secure File Delete
18 KB
Secure File Delete is a program to keep your deleted from being recovered. It works by overwriting the file as many as seven times with defferent combinations of data before it is deleted. For more info, check the Secure File Delete Home Page
Shareware $15.00
Lock & Key Explorer PGP Interface
125 KB
LOCK & KEY seamlessly integrates PGP with the Windows 95 Explorer interface. Right-click to encrypt files. Double-click to decrypt files. Encrypt/decrypt to and from the clipboard. Decrypt to QuickView/+. Supports long file names; signing files and verifying signatures. Version 2.0 adds: Drop-down list of public keys in LOCK32; Ability to display public key ring and remove individual keys in KEY32; improved installation/uninstallation. For more info, check the Lock & Key Home Page
Shareware $15.00
37 KB
A Password protector for Windows95. Boot into windows and it asks you to enter a password. If you get the password wrong, windows completely shuts down. You have complete control over the password and whether or not pass95 runs as a screensaver (flashing background) or not. If you need the runtime files get them here. For more info, check the Pass95 Home Page
Shareware $8.00
453 KB
Encryption compression and archiving utility with encrypted drive facility, registered version includes e-mail facility. For more info, check the Ncrypt Home Page
Shareware $30.00
Crypt-o-Text 32
274 KB
Crypt-o-Text is a powerful and easy to use Windows utility that is designed to give added security to e-mail messages. Using Crypt-o-Text, you can "scramble" your message so that it is unreadable to anyone who does not know the password. For more info, check the Crypt-o-Text 32 Home Page
Shareware $15.00
1.8 MB
Clasp96 is the ULTIMATE Windows 95 Security program. By locking your desktop on startup it can keep even the most advanced intruder out of your system and keep your files private. For more info, check the Clasp96 Home Page
Shareware $7.00
EMD Armor 95 Desktop Firewall
3.06 MB
EMD Armor 95 provides the following features: Complete Security for standalone and networked computers, Complete Anti-virus detection and prevention, Windows 95 based VxD 32-bit technology used in all of the modules, Internet Security Mode for preventing unauthorized access while online, Works with CompuServe, AOL, etc. and BBS systems, Real time virus detection prior to system damage, Secure mode of operation for preventing new yet untested software from destroying data, Works in DOS mode as well. For more info, check the EMD Armor 95 Desktop Firewall Home Page
Crippleware $149.00
241 KB
Cryptography program for Windows95/32-Bit. You can decode/encode your files with key or with a file used as key. For more info, check the Home Page
Click here to download Passwords Plus
747 KB
Passwords Plus allows an unlimited number of users to each keep an individual encrypted password-protected list of their passwords. Names and passwords may be pasted into other applications using the standard Windows clipboard. Passwords lists may be browsed and printed. For more info, check the Passwords Plus Home Page
Shareware $5.00
Click here to download Secure Messenger
1300 KB
Secure Messenger is a public key based security application supporting the S/MIME standard. Secure Messenger supports strong encryption and digital signatures. In addition to the stand-alone application, plug-ins for Microsoft Exchange and Eudora Pro 3.0 are also included. For more info, check the Secure Messenger Home Page
Commercial Demo $49.00
Crowd Control
1054 KB
Crowd Control is a tool for managing multiple users on your Windows 95 computer. With Crowd Control, only authorized users can log on to Windows 95. You can give each user their own Desktop, Start menu and Programs folder. You can also restrict their use of the computer by hiding drives, allowing the user to run only certain applications, and disabling system settings. For more info, check the Crowd Control Home Page
Commercial Demo $34.95
Click here to download OpenSoft Certificate Server 
1980 KB
Industrial strength certificate server for Internet/intranet security management supports X.509 certificates and VeriSign Digital IDs. Fully DCS-compliant certificate server offers high-speed distribution and management of certificates for any size organization, extremely scaleable and responsive, enhances existing LDAP-based directory systems. For more info, check the OpenSoft Certificate Server Home Page
Commercial Demo
508 KB
It allows the user to lock files or programs so unauthorised use or access is denied. A shredding facility will totally delete files from your hard drive so even the most sophisticated 'File Recovery Programs' cannot restore the files. For more info, check the SecuriT Home Page.
Commercial Demo $29.95
Click here to download Stoplight 95 ELS
677 K
Protect unauthorized access to files and directories. Clamp down the configuration of Windows 95. Record all program and file activity. Protects Win95 and DOS bootups. Supports up to 255 users/PC. For more info, check out the Stoplight Home Page.
Commercial Demo $49.99
Win Secure-it
1214 KB
Supply Single and Multiuser protection against unwanted intruders from accessing items you choose to protect. Protection is done in four levels, Completely Hiding files and folders, blocking any access to the files, allowing just files read-only access, or just monitor file and data usage. For more info, check the Win Secure-it Home Page
Shareware $29.95
272 KB
S-Tools v4 is an excellent Win 95/NT based steganography tool that hides files in BMP, GIF, and WAV files.What steganography does is encrypt date inside of a picture,etc so if someone sees it they don't know it contains any important data. For more info, check the Steganography Home Page.
?? KB
What PowerPGP is, exactly, is a windows based shell for the DOS PGP program. It makes encrypting a snapwithout having to know the complex command line switches required to use PGP. PowerPGP DOES require PGP to be installed properly on the system before using PowerPGP. For more info, check the PowerPGP Home Page.
Click here to downloadDiskcrypt 95
1649 K
Diskcrypt 95 is a 32-bit Windows program that allows you to encrypt a floppy disk. This allows you to protect files that have been saved to disk. It is especially useful for people who travel with sensitive files on disk, people who backup sensitive files to disk, and people who send sensitive files through postal mail. For more info, check the Diskcrypt 95 Home Page.
Shareware $15.00
Click here to download PGP WinFront
2900 KB
Since it's release in 1993, PGP WinFront has provided a very efficient way of accessing the full functionality of PGP. Full 32-bit version. For more info, check the PGP WinFront Home Page.
Shareware $30.00
Click here to download PGP Extension for MS Exchange
39 K
PGP Extension for Microsoft Exchange incorporates the encryption functions of PGP into the Exchange client. Supports Signing, Encrypting and Decrypting messages from within Exchange. You must have PGP installed before using this addin. For more info, check the PGP Extensions Home Page
Click here to download PowerPGP95
234 KB
A Windows95 PGP Shell for the DOS PGP program designed to make it possible to encrypt & decrypt Email with any Windows based E-mail program. Requires the DOS Based FREEWARE program PGP to be installed prior to PowerPGP! 
Click here to download PGPManager
196 KB
Encrypt messages or files easily using PGP Manager. Full support for all PGP functions. Read encrypted messages directly from your mailbox too! Requires PGP.EXE version 2.6 and up.
Shareware $10.00

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