Application Version Date Size Description Status
Click here to download Internet Lockpicks 1.0 beta 12/5/96 2100 KB Powerful Internet toolkit with 25 hot features. Remote mail deleting, check, fast mailbox nuke, Automated dialer-scheduler with weather download (17 maps), program launch, mailcheck, web binary file retrieval, email subscriber, Pinger to keep your dialup session connected, plus configurable Server checker. Intuitive and simple interfaces. For more info, check the Internet Lockpicks Home Page. Shareware $20.00
Click here to download The Other Internet Package 1.01 11/29/96 1851 KB The Other Internet Package is a highly integrated, easy-to-use, fast and compact suite. It has a browser that can handle tables, forms, frames (borderless too), multimedia files (AVI, WAV), animated gifs, progressive jpeg, client side mapping, helper apps, Netscape plug-ins. Its email client has the same capabilities as the browser as they share the same code. It has voice mail (record and playback), a smart address book, the ability to route mail to user defined folders and a spell checker. It also enables users to customize their mail (and news) environment with the help of templates. The news reader has all the standard features of high end news clients and it allows for multiple servers. For more info, check the The Other Internet Package Home Page. Freeware
Click here to download Starfish Internet Utilities lite 1.1 11/20/96 2100 K IN THE LITE VERSION: QuickMarks - consolidate and protect Bookmarks and Favorites in a single secure location. InternetMeter - measure online time and status of connections by time, day, week or month. Log all online activity and track how much time and money you're spending online. QuickZip - speed up online file transfers and save disk space with one-step compression and decompression. For more information, check out the Starfish Internet Utilities lite Home Page. Shareware
Click here to download SoftShow 2.0 9/5/96 2410 K SoftShow is an integrated suite of tools designed specifically for computer demonstration and instruction. If you teach classes based around software, give demonstrations of computer applications or give presentations using software of any kind, you need to check out SoftShow. For more information, check out the SoftShow Home Page. Shareware $29.95
Click here to download WinQVT 32-bit 4.05 5/29/96 2550 K New and Improved releases of the multi-app terminal emulation, contains many essential winsock apps such as FTP, News and Email. Shareware
Click here to download INTRAnet Jazz Suite 2.0 5/1/96 5.8 MB The first totally integrated Intranet suite of applications that enables Windows 95 users to eliminate the complexity of Intranet access by presenting them with a unified interface to all services and resources. For more info, check the INTRAnet Jazz Suite Home Page. Free evaluation
Click here to download NetRunner 2.0 1/21/96 1160 K Provides web, news,mail, ftp, and gopher client services. Expires after 24 hours (free version 1.2 still available). For more info, check out the Pathlink Home Page. Shareware
Click here to download Mariner for Windows 95 1.0 Beta 1 1/11/96 1820 K A collection of 32-bit Internet apps. Includes "auto-piloting." For more info, check out the Mariner Home Page. Shareware
Click here to download Internet Connect Beta 9/15/95 761 K 32-bit stack and suite of Internet applications. For more info, check out the Core Systems Home Page. Shareware

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