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(Last updated: 19.6.2016)

Some of these files are rare and due to the nature of internet, may become extinct. Please feel free to mirror the files (or the entire site). Be sure to contact me so I can add you to the list of mirrors. Thank you.


File Name Size Description
T3200 Flyer 1,5 MB Toshiba T3200 flyer with system specifications.
T3200 Maintenance 4,9 MB Toshiba T3200 maintenance/service manual.
T3200SX Flyer 8,3 MB Toshiba T3200SX flyer with system specifications.
T3200SX Maintenance 3,7 MB Toshiba T3200SX maintenance/service manual.
T3200SXC Maintenance 3,7 MB Toshiba T3200SXC maintenance/service manual.
All documentation 160 MB View all available documentation on the Toshiba Txxxx -models.
T3200SX_BIOS.PDF 1,89 MB How to dump and copy your BIOS from a T3200SX.

This guide will walk you through the steps needed to copy a BIOS from one computer to another. It is useful if you want to use a more relaxed BIOS version that allows you to use any hard drive in conjunction with the BIOS version found on this site (BIOSCH.ZIP). An excellent little guide by High Treason.


File Name Size Description
DOS33.ZIP 338 KB Toshiba MS-DOS 3.3
DOS33DG.ZIP 284 KB Toshiba MS-DOS 3.3 Diagnostics
DOS5D.ZIP 339 KB MS-DOS 5.0 Diagnostics
TSED600.EXE 563 KB Toshiba Special Enhancement Disk for MS-DOS 6.00
TSED620.EXE 610 KB Toshiba Special Enhancement Disk for MS-DOS 6.20
TSED622.EXE 604 KB Toshiba Special Enhancement Disk for MS-DOS 6.22
HDDID.EXE 1 630 bytes Identifies parameters of your IDE HDD
TEST3.EXE 23 414 bytes Setup program for the T1850/C, T2000/SX/SXe, T2200SX, T3100/e/SX, T3200/SX/C, T3300SL, T4400SX/C, T5100, T5200/C, and T6400DX/C. Use this program to access the BIOS if you cannot access it otherwise.
TEST3B.EXE 23 387 bytes Another version of the above setup program. Use this if the above BIOS setup program doesn't work.
REBOOT.ZIP 243 bytes Performs cold boot with CTRL+ALT+DEL.
ANYDRIVE.ZIP 13 KB This program will install inside the primary hard-drive's master boot record (MBR) and while booting, modifies BIOS parameters to accept custom hard-drives (assuming your BIOS version will allow this, see FAQ).
To install, make a bootable floppy and copy AnyDrive to it. Boot off the floppy, install AnyDrive on your HDD, then boot from the HDD per usual. The Anydrive documentation describes how to have Anydrive modify BIOS hard-drive settings and still boot from a floppy disk.
Assuming you have a custom hard-drive that is larger than 512MB, you can install AnyDrive by running the command "ANYDRIVE 0 2048 16 63". This will allow you to utilize the first 512 megabytes on the hard-disk. Once installed, just restart the computer. Please note that viruses may overwrite Anydrive from the MBR, so keep your favorite DOS virus scanner and Anydrive handy on a bootable read-only floppy. The reason you can only utilize 512 MB is because of the limitations in the BIOS addressing scheme. For more information, see the included text file.

T3200 BIOS ROM dumps

File Name Size Description
T3200ROMS.ZIP 878 KB All ROMs. All ROM dumps from a model T3200 computer. Includes dumps for the 8742 keyboard controller, graphics controller, hard disk controller and two BIOS ROM versions, 033C/034C V4.20B (1988-FEB-26), and 033E/034E V4.61 (1989-FEB-21). Courtesy of Hanno Foest.

T3200SX BIOS ROM dumps

File Name Size Description
BIOS3I.ZIP 36 KB 003I BIOS ROM. The newest (known) BIOS version for the T3200SX. This BIOS version will refuse to boot when it detects a non-oem and/or incompatible hard disk. Has a faster VGA BIOS. Courtesy of High Treason. Confirmed working.
BIOS3CH.ZIP 47 KB 003C/003I HYBRID BIOS ROM with the improved 3I VGA BIOS. This reverse-engineered BIOS dump will accept an incompatible hard disk and boot off it. The computer will only see the first 40 MB of the IDE hard-disk, so you need to install AnyDrive on your HDD's master boot record (see ANYDRIVE.ZIP). Courtesy of High Treason. Confirmed working.
BIOS3C.ZIP 93 KB 003C BIOS ROM. This BIOS version will accept incompatible hard disk and boot and see the first 40 MB of the IDE hard-disk after which it will wrap-around, so requires the installation of AnyDrive on the HDD's master boot record (see ANYDRIVE.ZIP). Comes with the utility used to create the dump.

WARNING: This BIOS dump is not a proper dump, because it was taken within DOS with a utility.

If you have corrections, additions, files or other handy resources, I'd be happy to hear from you!
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