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My company "Dunfield Development Services" provides software / firmware / hardware development services and consulting in the embedded systems area. For those who prefer to "do it yourself", I also offer my own suite of development tools, C compilers, Assemblers, Debuggers etc. Click the logo at the right to visit my commercial site.

You can email me directly at the address shown below (you will have to enter it manually). Note that this address may change without notice - check here for the correct address before sending.

Please DO NOT place the above address into any type of windows address book or mailing list. (Windows address books are a main source of addresses harvested by virus and trojan software).

You may also contact me through the technical support information on my commercial website www.dunfield.com

Reasons I might not reply

I get a *LOT* of email - and there are some that I just don't have the time to deal with .. here are the most common reasons an email gets binned:

PLEASE NOTE I am quite dilligent about answering my email, although sometimes it might take a day or two - Sometimes the email I send bounces back with "blocked for abuse". Dunfield.com is the domain of a small family business which has NEVER sent unsoliticed email (I am very much opposed to the use of the internet for such purposes) - however because I am involved a number of cool things, lots of people put our addresses in their "Outlook address book" or post them in newsgroups ... both prime sources of addresses and domain names harested by the real bad guys. As a result, this domain name is sometimes used by virus and spammers (I sometimes get spams saying they are from me!), however none of that material has EVER originated here.

Some ISPs are taking it upon themseves to censor your incoming email from me because someone else has abused our domain name or our own ISPs IP address range. There is nothing I can do about this, and I cannot respond to your request if you use one of these ISPs. Most of the offending ISPs do not provide a means to contest their policy, and frankly I don't have the time. So I am listing the ISP domains which have bounced email here - If you are using one of these ISPs you will not be able to get a response from me:

If you are not using one of these, and don't get a reply within a few days of emailing me, check back here and see if I have added your domain to the list - this is the ONLY way I have of communicating this information to you. If your ISP does appear on this list, the the only way to communicate with me is to find a new ISP that does not censor your incoming email.

You should also be aware that the abuse of domain names harvested from email address books and internet newsgroups is very commonplace - Virtually all spam and virus email is sent with a harvested email address. If your ISP is censoring email from me - chances are they are censoring email from a lot of other equally innocent people as well.

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