Windows95 Text Utilities

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:24:57 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 177KB 07/18/95 Accent: Diacritic Key Translator 213KB 09/28/95 ClusterView: search and view groups of files 451KB 03/13/96 Dana: Fast and highly-functional text editor 88KB 07/24/95 Document List Management System 1.0b 216KB 12/10/95 Simple text editor 220KB 12/10/95 Editeur V2.3 text editor for Windows 95 (French ver) 23KB 07/07/95 Grep32 for Win95 v1.1.0 239KB 01/14/96 Easy online Grammar Help; Word Pro 174KB 02/03/96 VI clone for Windows95 and Windows NT 7KB 10/11/95 Adds quote chars (>) to file for mail exchange 575KB 02/11/96 Large File Text Editor 281KB 09/12/95 Locate, browse files w/ stream editing 330KB 10/29/95 Read text files of any size w/ auto font sizes 734KB 03/02/96 Text&RTF edit, stays on top, bookmarks, time/date stamp toolkit_.exe 538KB 01/22/96 Professional Tool Kit for Windows 527KB 12/03/95 UltraEdit V2.11b: Txt or HEX editor w/ MDI interface 226KB 12/13/95 Text editor, huge files, MDI interface, TeX, IDE, etc 129KB 08/01/95 WebWatch keeps track of changes in html files

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