Windows95 Sound Files, Utilities, and Drivers

Last Updated: Mon Mar 18 1996 at 02:24:27 PM EST

Filename           Size   Date   Description 799KB 02/29/96 Realizes MIDI files as digital audio 373KB 01/08/96 Background Noise v1.52: Media player 1467KB 02/12/96 Set alarms to play tracks from a CD and/or sounds 49KB 03/15/96 CD/Spectrum Pro: CD Player with Spectrum Analyzer 369KB 12/02/95 Guitar chord recognition from recorded music 273KB 12/02/95 <ASP>The fast and accurate guitar tuning device 720KB 01/28/96 Drivers for Advanced Gravis sound cards/GF1 chip 39KB 01/23/96 Control Panel for Roland GS and GM MIDI devices 551KB 11/19/95 Notes, Keyboard, and Guitar music drills 644KB 03/01/96 Drills for clef notes, piano, and guitar 95KB 03/12/96 An app similar to Volume Control, only better midigate.exe 156KB 01/21/96 MIDI player and WWW Browser/Helper App 68KB 01/08/96 MIDI JukeBox 2: select/ play multi MIDI and/or .WAV 180KB 01/12/96 MIDI Masterkeyboard Controller Software 165KB 02/19/96 Make Theremin "OOooEEeeuu" sounds with your mouse 1359KB 01/14/96 Simpsons Wav files [1.4M] 1316KB 01/14/96 Simpsons Wav files [1.4M] 1375KB 01/14/96 Simpsons Wav files [1.4M] 1651KB 01/15/96 Simpsons Wav files [1.6M] 1306KB 01/15/96 Simpsons Wav files [1.3M] 1557KB 01/20/96 Simpsons Wav files [1.6M] 367KB 01/07/96 MIDI SysEx store / librarian / Korg M1 editor 10KB 12/04/95 TEAC W95 Driver for CD-55A sound card 1826KB 02/09/96 MIDI Karaoke (KAR File) Editor-1.8M 1802KB 01/23/96 A MIDI Karaoke (KAR file) player with a bouncing ball

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