Welcome to the InfoMagic WinSite CD-ROM

This CD contains the complete archives of Windows95 and Windows NT software found on the Winsite archive as of 25 March 1996.

The interface provided via the HTML files and links is intended to facilitate locating software in these archives. If for any reason you experience difficulty with any aspect of the interface, you can access all of the files using the FileManager or Explorer as well as from a command prompt. The .zip and .exe files are all in subdirectories below "winnt" and "win95" at the root directory of the CD-ROM.

For ease of access you may want to install WinZip for Windows 95 or WinZip for Windows NT v5.6. The Windows 95 version seems to run fine on both Windows NT 3.51 and the beta release of Windows NT 4.0 and does provide some additional features beyond v5.6. Once WinZip is installed you will be able to open .zip files directly off the CD.

The WinSite name, logo, and the phrase "The Planet's Largest Software Archive for Windows:" are trademarks of the WinSite Group, Inc.

Windows 95 and Windows NT are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation