- Module file formats

amf_faq.arj 21KAdvanced Music Formats v1.0 29KAMM music file format
emd_form.arj 4KEMD module/song format
hdr.doc 3KScreamTracker module header format
mod-file.arj 1KAmiga MOD file structure
modfile.arj 2KAmiga MOD file format
modrak.arj 1KMOD structure
mtm_form.arj 1KMultiTracker Module (MTM) format
ps16form.arj 13KProtracker Studio 16 File Specification: contains conversion utilities and documentation on the PS16 format.
ptdocs.arj 2KProtracker v1.1B MOD file format 8KPoly Tracker Module v2.03 format
s3m_fmt.arj 4KScream Tracker 3.0 (S3M) file formats
smus.arj 14KIFF Simple Musical Score (SMUS) file format
ult_form.arj 2KUltra Tracker (ULT) file format
xm_form.arj 3KXM module format

- Module playing and converting 505KBells,Whistles,and Sound Boards v1.20 - digital music and sound fx library. Supports: S3M MOD 669 ULT MED FAR. Snd Cards: GUS SB PAS 222KDemo VT v1.51 - Play MOD/S3Ms thru SB/GUS in your productions! Supports ASM, C, TPAS, WC++ and Tran's PMode!
dsik205.arj 252KDigital Sound Interface Kit v2.05 - 32bit PM Sound System. Supports MOD S3M MTM 669 STM WAV VOC & SB SBPro SB16 PAS PAS16 WSS GUS 51KDigital Sound Interface Kit (DSIK) v1.01a demo - Add music to your programs! 16-channel sound library, SB SBPro SB16 GUS cards. Plays MOD 669 STM S3M MTM DSM
extrsmp.arj 1KExtract samples from .MOD files (Pascal source) 81KMOD Player Tutorial by FireLight
goldp101.lzh 74KGold-Play v1.01, Asm/C/Pascal MOD-player interface (w/obj)
goldplay.arj 51KGoldPlay v1.00 - TPU's and OBJ's for loading and playing MOD files [SBPro,SB,2DAC,DAC,Speaker]
gp101u.arj 4KGoldPlay v1.01 update - TP 7.0 TPU file 45KModulePlayer v1.5 for GUS (Pascal+ASM)
gsrc211.lzh 69KAsm source code to GUSMOD v2.11 by Josh Jensen
gusp15.lzh 19KModulePlayer 1.5 for Advanced Gravis UltraSound. Written by Robert Adolfsson (CASCADA) in 1993. 4KJMP - Jorian's MOD player for SB (C) 1367KMIDAS Sound System v0.40a - A multi-channel digital sound and music system for C, Pascal and Assembler programmers. Supports GUS PAS SB WSS, plays MOD S3M and MTM modules. Full Source code included!
mikasm.arj 182KMikMod v2.03 for Asm / TPascal - Soundsystem for GUS. Plays XM MOD M15 MTM S3M STM ULT MED DSM FAR 669 UNI. Cheap non-crippled shareware. Comes with FULL C / ASM source
mikfix.arj 7KMikMod v2.03 Bugfix release
mikm203.arj 281KMikMod v2.03 - Soundsystem for GUS & SB for Watcom & Borland C. Plays XM MOD M15 MTM S3M STM ULT MED DSM FAR 669 UNI. Cheap non-crippled shareware. Comes with full C source 268KMikMod v2.10 - MOD player for DirectSound. Watcom (DOS4GW,PMODEW) C or C++, ASM mixing routines + binaries, supports XM MOD M15 MTM S3M STM ULT UNI. Comes with FULL C source 29KConvert 31 instrument MODs into 15 instrument. EXE and C source by "Magic" Fred
modobj.arj 28KPlay MOD's in Pascal or C by Marc Cox [SB,2DAC,DAC,Speaker]
modplay.arj 4KSources of simple MOD player 100% in C 59KOmega SoundBlaster AWE32 module player v0.6 - module player for the AWE32 with complete source in C++. The player does not use the developers pack from creative, and is meant for others to understand how the AWE32 works.
pps10.arj 77KProTracker MODule Playing Sources. Support Sound Blaster, DAC, PC Speaker. (ASM)
pps110.lzh 82KProtracker Playing Source (PPS) v1.10 - Protracker module playing source for playing Amiga modules on an IBM PC, using at least a 286
s3m_form.arj 6KScream Tracker v3.20 file formats and mixing info 500KSEAL Audio Library Release 1.0.1 - 32-bit multichannel audio system for DOS, Windows 95/NT and Linux operating systems. Supports SB, SBPro, SB16, AWE32, PAS, PAS16, GUS, GUSDB, GUSMAX, IW, WSS, ESS and Aria cards. Plays MOD/MTM/S3M/XM m 119KSound System Source Release 2 4/6/8 & FX channel MOD-Players for your own games & demos. Supports GUS/SBPro/SB with 100% Assembler, 8/16-bit DMA (GUS), 16-bit mixing routines (SB) for max performance. And best: Source&Code is freeware. 375KSound System Source Release 3 4/8 & FX channel MOD-Players with GUS/PAS+/16/SB16/SBPro/SB support. Ideal for games & demos, 100% ASM, features: SB16/PAS panning, 16 bit, interpolation, amplifying, ASM & C-interfaces & autodetection.
stmik020.arj 156KScream Tracker Music Interface Kit v0.20 [SB]
stmikfix.arj 15KBug-fix to STMIK !!
st_io.arj 1KSTM load & save (Pascal source) 13KTiny MOD Player v0.1á - 286/VGA/SB module player, supports 15 or 31 instruments module formats. Requires only 33 kB of free memory! ASM sources included.
tnypl211.arj 73K16/32-bit Protected Mode Tiny MOD Player v2.11 for Watcom C/C++32 and DOS/4GW DOS Extender and Borland C++ 3.1 with ASM & C sources 8K32-bit Protected Mode Tiny MOD Player for DOS/4GW. Full source code in ASM and C included. Written by Pelusa / Psychic Monks
vib_asm.lzh 10KVibrants play driver (ASM) 49KMIDAS for Windows v1.02á - Windows MOD and S3M MCI device driver
wowtpu.arj 8KWOW MOD player TPU for Turbo Pascal 6.0

- AdLib/OPL2/OPL3 programming

adldigi.arj 3KSome specifics on how to play digitized sound out of AdLib
adlib.arj 2KSome AdLib TP unit
adlib1.arj 13KUtility for C for playing ROL files
adlib2.lzh 3KPascal sources to use AdLib sound driver
adlibdoc.lzh 21KAdLib Programming Guide
adlpas.arj 2KTurbo Pascal unit to AdLib programmer
adlprogs.arj 129KAdLib Programmer's Guide
adlqbsrc.arj 45KQuickBasic AdLib source
bnk_form.arj 1KAdLib music instrument bank (BNK) file format
c-rol.arj 4KROL player C sources
clavier.arj 1KSimple AdLib clavier C sources
cmfpas.arj 3KCMF playing routines (PAS)
cmf_form.arj 1KCMF file format
fmprog.arj 6KProgramming the AdLib/SB FM Music Chips version 2.0 29KTones generation using the FM Synthesizer
fm_class.arj 4KTP class for FM chips programming
mus_form.arj 4KMUS file format
opl3_doc.arj 18KProgrammer's Guide to Yamaha YMF 262/OPL3 FM Music Synthesizer v1.0 (24-Nov-1994)
rol_form.arj 0KROL file format 381KAdLib Gold 1000/2000 software development toolkit with sources and docs in Word for Windows format 61K.sng player (adlib) - A program to play raw adlib music used in many demo's. Includes full source! 1 pascal player + loader for *.sng files, 2 asm players, playes the music from a SEG 2 songs, (Cool tunes) ripped

- Sound Blaster programming 1124KSound Blaster AWE32 Developer's Information Pack v3.0
asm_sbba.arj 0KChest: Detect SoundBlaster base address (ASM) 132KDMA auto-init mode playback on the SB card
awe32dip.arj 779KSoundBlaster AWE32 Developer's Information Pack v2.02
bladig2.arj 2KDMA Sample play (PAS)
blasrc.arj 2KPlays samples with DMA (PAS)
bptplay.arj 15KTP6 unit for playing BPT-modules
cmschips.arj 4KProgramming SoundBlaster CMS Music Chips
cmsprog.arj 1KSome kind of C/MS chip programming example (ASM)
cmsqb101.arj 4KCMS playing routines for QuickBasic
cmstest.arj 6KCMS channel test for SB with TC sources
ct-voice.arj 14KDisassembled CT-VOICE (good work!) 1143KDeveloper Kit for Sound Blaster Series, 2nd Edition
ctvoice.arj 17KTC/ASM source for CT-VOICE.DRV handling
ct_voice.arj 4KTP Sources to play .VOC file 478KTP 7.0 units for digitized voice output (SB). Soundblaster autodetect, MOD/VOC-file playing, XMS-mem support routines
dma_ack.arj 5KReal-time data acquisition using DMA (C)
greetv10.arj 1KSay time and date using SBTALKER (TP)
initsb.arj 0KSoundBlaster initialization routine
manual.arj 50KSoundBlaster Developer Kit software and hardware documentation
midicmf.arj 3KMIDI/CMF player TP sources from book "Working with the Sound Blaster"
musicio.arj 2KUnit for calling SB sound driver 37KRecord and Playback simultaneously using 1 or 2 sound cards
sb-dma.arj 1KVery good instructions for DSP handling with DMA (Finnish)
sb.arj 5KAssembler sourcecode to CT-VOICE.DRV
sb16doc.arj 6KProgramming the SoundBlaster 16 DSP v3.2 5KProgramming the Sound Blaster 16 DSP v2.0
sb16snd.arj 45Kplay/record 16bit sounds on SB16 (C/Pascal)
sb1_asm.lzh 6KSound Blaster driver in ASM
sbc_tp06.arj 39KFM, MIDI, D/A interface for SB-SBPro with sources. Remainds as original SBC_TP6.TPU unit by Creative Labs. v.0.6á
sbdrum12.arj 39KTP source for stereo sample playing!
sbdrv.arj 3KUNIX SoundBlaster driver AD 13KSB DSP v1.03 - Sound Blaster programming routines (Pascal) 85KC callable library for Soundblaster/Pro, with source code 490KSound Blaster programming inforamtion v0.90
sblayer.arj 16KSoundBlaster DMA sampleplaying unit (TP6) 4KSound Blaster Mixer Control Library
sbmixr11.arj 0KSound Blaster PRO mixer chip registers v1.1
sbohjel.arj 2KTP Inline source for SB programming
sbohjel.lzh 2KProgramming info for Sound Blaster
sbpref.arj 1KAdlib/SoundBlaster/Pro port quick reference
sbprog.arj 1KSound Blaster driver functions 36KA set of C++ source code to allow PC programmers to make use of the Sound Blaster card, in particular the digitised sample recording and playback modes.
sbprog2.arj 2KSoundBlaster programming with Turbo C
sbsample.arj 25KDMA sample play with TC
sbspeak.arj 34KMake speech with TC.
sbtalk.arj 1KUnit for interfacing with SBTALKER
sbts-pas.arj 1KSBTALKER sources in TP 6.0 / Assembler
sbunix2.arj 39KSoundBlaster driver sources for UNIX (shell archive)
sbver.arj 1KChest: Detect SoundBlaster & get DSP version (ASM)
sb_adr.arj 0KChest: Detect SoundBlaster base address (PAS)
sb_asm.arj 6KASM sample playing subroutines, for TC
sb_dev.arj 50KSound Blaster Development Kit for Windows
sb_dsprw.arj 1KQuick & dirty SoundBlaster DSP programming
sb_osc.arj 5KSB input oscilloscope and volume bars (ASM) 26KSB_PAS v1.0 - utilities for programming Sound Blaster and compatible cards in Turbo Pascal
sb_stuff.arj 2KSoundBlaster DMA play and record (PAS)
setsbv.arj 1KVolume control for Windows NT sound baords 146KCreative Labs Sound Font Technical Specification v2.00a 20KCreative Labs SoundFont 2.0 File Format white papers
soundhax.arj 83KVOC Play and Record sources
tp6sb110.arj 10KTP 6.0 SB VOC source v1.10
tp6sbvoc.arj 6KTP 6.0 VOC Play sources
tpsbk100.arj 84KTurbo Pascal Sound Blaster programmers kit v1.00
vocplays.arj 0KQuick VOC player (ASM)

- AMD InterWave programming 182KInterWave Driver Development Kit - hardware specification and a set of low-level functions written in C intended for the development of programs for InterWave-based sound boards

- Gravis UltraSound programming 88KA MOD player for the UltraSound written in Borland Pascal. Contains source for loading MODs (Pascal) and playing MODs (ASM)
gsrc211.arj 66KGUSMOD v2.11 sources
gusdk222.arj 905KUltraSound SDK v2.22 for GUS/MAX/ACE 1KULTRASND environment variable checking routine. Grabs the port, dma, and irq if found
guslib11.arj 29KGusLib v1.1 - C,C++,Pascal & Asm Programmer's Library for the Gravis Ultrasound
gusp15s.arj 12KCascada's MOD player v1.5 for GUS (ASM)
gusunit.arj 11KTP unit for GUS
lowlevel.arj 77KUltraSound Lowlevel Toolkit revision 1.02
patinf11.arj 6KPatinfo v1.1 - Shows info from GUS's patch file header. BAS sources included.
ultra20.arj 6KUltraDox v2.0 - Second release of Gravis UltraSound programming info
ultradox.arj 5KGravis UltraSound tech specifications (unofficial)
umdox100.arj 41KUltraMID Programmer's Reference Guide with programming examples

- Aria chipset programming

ariainit.arj 12KAria soundcard initialization routines
ariawave.arj 5KAriawave v0.02 - digital audio playback example for soundcards based on the Aria chipset

- Pro Audio Spectrum programming

pas-sdk.arj 431KPro Audio Spectrum SDK

- MIDI programming

aftertou.arj 1KInfo on polyphonic aftertouch
ctrltab.arj 1KListing of Controller/Mode Command Codes
fb01sysx.arj 1KQuick summary of the Yamaha FB-01 MIDI implementation
filefmt.arj 10KDescription of MIDI Standard File Format
fistruct.arj 2KFile structure about *.SMD song file (BeatComposer 1.9 and newest)
genmidi.arj 4KGeneral MIDI Level 1 specification
kbmidi.arj 7KKeyboard MIDI player for Multimedia Windows C sources
midform1.arj 9KMidi File Format 1 descriptions
midi-ng.arj 18KNorton Guide about MIDI
midi1.arj 1KTP unit for read/write MIDI with SB
midibnf.arj 1KMIDI Considered in Backus-Naur Form
midictrl.arj 1KMidicommands for midi-programmers
midifile.arj 28KSources for work with standard MIDI files
midimsgs.arj 2KMIDI 1.0 specification
midismf2.arj 7KProgramming hints for standard MIDI files
midispec.arj 11KThe official MIDI 1.0 specification 28KSB 16 MPU-401 port programming
mpunit.arj 2KTurbo Pascal unit for MPU compatibles programming by Patrick Aalto
mtrk_src.arj 16KMIDI-Tracker sourcecode
notestab.arj 0KListing of MIDI Notes by Octave
sbcmidi.arj 1KHow to program SB MIDI interface
sdsfmt.arj 3KDescription of MIDI Sample Dump Standard
seq_alg.arj 6KMIDI I/O Algorithms
stattab.arj 2KListing of MIDI Status Codes
timecode.arj 11KDescription of MIDI Time Code Format

- Covox programming

bytewise.arj 3KByte-wise record/playback routine for Covox Voice Master and Speech Thing 85KCovox Developer's Toolkit v4.10
rec&play.arj 2KA sample program to playback and record samples
sm2detec.arj 9KSound Master II board detection routines
sm2_v_sb.arj 1KProgramming differences between Sound Master II and Sound Blaster
vmdma.arj 3KPlayback and recording 8-bit PCM samples with Voice Master DMA.

- Sample handling

adpcm.arj 18KRoutines to convert 16 bit linear PCM samples to 4 bit ADPCM code and vice versa
crunch22.arj 40KSignal processing library for C. Contains FFT, spectral analysis, filters, etc. routines
esource.arj 4KAdd sound effects to the sample (Reverb, echo, pitch sweep, etc.)
fm4-6.arj 2KHow to convert FM 4-OP patches to a 6-OP patches 280KFreq - a realtime spectrum analyzer program for DOS, Linux, Linux/X, and Sun with C source code 41KHow to mix two voc files in real time
pm-intro.arj 1KPhase Modulation explanation 21KAudio Effects FAQ
shorten.arj 14KA lossless compressor for speech and audio files 158KSOund eXchange v7 - universal sound sample translator
vocinfo.arj 1KVOC structure information

- Misc stuff

audio308.arj 38KFAQ: Audio File Formats v3.08 - lot of technical info about audio files / device characteristics / hardware
dss.arj 2KDisney Sound Source programming info
formats.arj 58KFAQ: Music File Formats
maplay12.arj 59KMaplay v1.2 - MPEG audio player/decoder
notes.arj 0KFrequencys of notes 19KReads digital audio data directly from a CD. Built and tested on a Panasonic CR-562B drive 338KVESA BIOS Extrnsions Audio Interface (VBE/AI) Driver Sample Source Code. Includes: WAVE drivers for the Pro Audio Spectrum, Disney Sound Source, and Sound Blaster cards, MIDI drivers for the OPL2, OPL3 FM chip, and Roland MPU-401 card

Total 14448 KBytes in 203 files
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