- Pascal Sources

3d.arj 3K3D graphics in pascal
3dlife.arj 4K3D Life simulator
3d_rotat.arj 3KHow to rotate any object in 3D
3dstars.arj 5KDisplays a starfield from a moving and rotating viewpoint
adv1.arj 8KSources of small adventure game in TP
alarmres.arj 1KResident alarm and utility for setting alarm time or cancelling alarm
ansi.arj 1KANSI unit
arjview.arj 8KARJ viewer
async4.arj 4KAsync communication routines
bbschat.arj 5K`Semi-intelligent' sysop emulator
bgimouse.arj 9KMouse driver unit for BGI
bgi_svga.arj 6KBGI 256 color driver for Super VGA
bkplay.arj 6KBackground music for Turbo Pascal
bmsearch.arj 4KBoyer-Moore search PAS implementation
brescirc.arj 1KBresenham's circle drawing algorithm
bs_hwscr.arj 48KSource of a hardware scroller. Contains the full explanation
btree4.arj 14KJust another BTree unit (tpu & doc) 19KCool fire routine
cad.arj 1KCtrl-Alt-Del handling in pascal
cgraph.arj 1KMixing text and graphics (unit)
clearmem.arj 1KTP unit to initialize stack, heap & globals. 8KAnalizer of disk usage with source
code.arj 0KDisplays codes received from the keyboard controller
colordef.arj 1KColor definitions
comenv.arj 3KExample program for modifying global enviroment
commcall.arj 2KHandling COM ports with interrupts
commpkg.arj 9KCommunication Packedge sources
complmat.arj 3KComplex math unit from PC MAGAZINE Jan.
comset.arj 1KRoutines to enable access COM1 and COM2 from TP
comtoi.arj 1KConvert .COM to Pascal's inline assembler
copyfont.arj 0KReading VGA system font from video RAM 14KCPlasma v1.0 - Polar Based Plasma
crc.arj 2KExample of how to compute CRC a stream of bytes
crypts.arj 3KCode crypter
cryptsc.arj 1KSimple encrypsion/decryption
cyclic.arj 4KCalculates 16 or 32 bit CRC's
data.arj 3Kself-adjusting data structures
datetim2.arj 1KRoutine to read and set date and time
db3tool.arj 13KdBase III Tools for TPascal
degif.arj 10KGIF-decoding TP unit 78KDemonstrates several common demo effects, and has a library of common routines (Pascal+Asm)
desq10.arj 4KDESQview TP4 interfaces v1.0 12KUnpacks ZIP files
disobj.arj 4KDump OBJ-file
driver.arj 0KSYS driver PASCAL source 10KDetects fixed, remote, removable, compressed, RAM, SUBST'ed and CDROM drives
ejcplx01.arj 10KDefines complex numbers and operations with them. Also provides hyperbolic, logarithmic, power and root functions
ems.arj 3KExsample of EMS memory handling in TP
emsi.arj 3KEMSI implementation
emulansi.arj 5KANSI emulation in TP
env20.arj 5KTP unit to help using enviroment strings
etasync.arj 6KChest: PD async unit source for up to 8 ports
exechk.arj 7KStamp your original software with user info and serial number
execsw2.arj 13KSwap program out while shelling
execswap.arj 15KEMS and disk swapping for Pascal. Easy to use
execwin.arj 3KExecute a child process using ExecDos routine and keep the video output of the process within a window
exepack.arj 4KReduces the size of EXE files by packing the EXE header
exesum.arj 7KEXE header & checksum utility
exterror.arj 3KExtended error handling unit
extmem.arj 8KAccess extended memory from TP 2KGrabpal, blackout, fadein, fadeout procedures 2KFade screen in and out
fidohdr.arj 0KChest: Fido Message header
fidounit.arj 6KUnit accessing FidoNet format messages. Uses TechnoJocks Toolkit
fli_pas.arj 2KPlay .FLI files
fossil.arj 1KFOSSIL routines (COM1-4, 38400, OOP, src)
frte.arj 13KForced Run-Time library errors
gad.arj 9KGraph array decomposition
getpass.arj 1KChest: Get password (input w/o echo) 392KGFXFX2 - Collection of graphics sources. Topics: 3d rotation, polygons, flat/gouraud shading, texture mapping, e-X, coppers, fractals, game techniques, demo coding, mouse routines, palette routines, plasma, voxel space and mode...
gifview.arj 24KGIF reader/viewer functions in TP & Asm
gm1507.arj 18Kg_Mouse Interface v1.50.7 - Graphical mouse pointer in 80x25 text modes
gomonth.arj 1KChest: Get date for of months in future or in past
hpgl.arj 2KConverting HPGL files...
hrsmin.arj 0KChest: Convert time differences to minutes
hugecoll.arj 4KHuge collection in TPW
hyprtext.arj 7KHypertext
idsbport.arj 0KChest: One more SoundBlaster detector
info.arj 3KReports various information about a TP EXE file, and optionally offers the ability to patch stack and heap sizes
infoplus.arj 36KInfoplus v1.0 - 18 screens about your PC (TP+Asm)
inturbo.arj 0KFunction for detecting presence of Turbo's IDE
jdesk.arj 1KDesktop manager for TurboVision
julia.arj 0KDraws Julia fractal
julpas.arj 0KChest: More date conversions
jul_cnv.arj 1KConversion between string type date and julian longint values
keybinp.arj 4KKeyboard input unit (string input et all) 18KA rotatable and movable starfield
lantas.arj 26KUnit for interfacing with NetBIOS & Lantastic
lines.arj 9KDrawing lines in Pascal
loadpcx.arj 2KChest: Show PCX in EGA 09H and 12H modes
lowdsk.arj 3KLow level disk I/O routines
lpt.arj 1KRoutines for interfacing with LPT ports
lzhpas.arj 7KLZHUF compression routine v0.97
lzhufpas.arj 4KChest: LZHuf archiver source
lzwpas2.arj 6KChest: One more LZW implementation
mailkill.arj 1KSample mail killer sources in pascal
mandel.arj 12KDraws Mandelbrodt fractal
memap.arj 5KMemory map
memmap.arj 22KExplore undoc DOS structures
menu.arj 0KExternal procedure for menus
menuunit.arj 2KRobust menu handler (UNIT source)
mergsort.arj 1KChest: Merge sorting of linked lists
modcomm.arj 2KCommunication routines, sender only
mousunit.arj 1KUnit for text-mode mouse
mt.arj 14KMultitasking kernel for TP 21KMTask Release v2.01 - developers' multitasker support package
nbbase.arj 4KChest: UNIT source for interfacing with NetBios
ncrep.arj 4KChest: Yet another nodelist report program
net.arj 13KNetBIOS programming examples
netchat.arj 6KNetwork Chat, usable on NETBIOS compatible network 32KReads, decrypts and diplays the contents of Norton Guide database files 5KNGDUMP - decompiler for Norton Guides Database files
nwlib.arj 271KGNU Netware Interface Units (Netware 2.15/2.2/3.x and TP 6.x/7.x). Full sources. Over 300Kb of docs & examples clarifying the calls
openfile.arj 1KShow list of open files (undoc. DOS call)
orddates.arj 3KDate-to-Text conversions...
pack.arj 7KEXE header packer
palette.arj 3KChest: Palette unit for text & graphics (fade on/off)
partitn.arj 5KPartition Table editor (or something like this)
pasdes.arj 3KChest: Pascal implementation of DES
paslzw.arj 3KChest: LZW copression/decompression unit
paspkt.arj 1KFido PKT formats for PAS
pastsr.arj 1KExample TSR program in PAS
pasunzip.arj 26KUNZip and Zip (shrinking) routines
pcl10.arj 18KPascal Communication Library
pixeltun.arj 6KDraws pixel tunnel 320x200x256
plasma.arj 1KPlasma Clouds (like in FRACTINT)
polymorf.arj 1KQuick-Pascal polymorphism test (example)
protect.arj 1KGet out from protected mode
punixdat.arj 2KUNIX-style date-related functions
rbootp55.arj 0KProcedures to flush DOS file buffers and reset 9KSet up a 320x240x256 or 640x480x256 video mode with a 1 MB linear address window
sayget.arj 3KUnit source for DBase-style field input
scrlbar.arj 1KChest: Simple scroll bar implementation
scrnsave.arj 1KSave/Restore screen to/from disk
sfmodify.arj 1KWrite data to EXE, calcualte EXE check
shapes.arj 3KSome shape object
snoop.lzh 10KFile operation watcher
stars2.lzh 10KDisplays a starfield from a moving, rotating viewpoint
strngtp4.arj 17KStrings routines for TP (src) 14KA Targa viewer in Borland Delphi 256K256-colors bitmap cuter. Cuts letters from GIF,CEL,BMP files, and saves into .TED (font) files to use in your applications
testemu.arj 0KTest math 80x87 or emulator
timedat.arj 3KTime/date object
timer.arj 1Kusec precise timing for TP 6.0
tp67ms.arj 3KTP6/7 Mouse Unit. Allow to handle mouse as keyboard (i.e. buffered,etc)
tp6pcx.arj 18KTP6 object unit for work with PCX files
tp6xms.arj 9KXMS support for TP6.0
tpclone.arj 4KMakeing your programs user configurable, writes and finds text constants in file. You'll need TPro to compile
tpdev.arj 2KDOS device driver written in TP 6.0
tplink14.arj 9KPASCAL communications, 16550 support
tpmath.arj 8KStandard mathematical functions
tpstack.arj 4KUnit for monitoring heap and stack usage
tpswitch.arj 3KRoutine for switching screens on dual-display systems
tptimer.arj 4KRoutines for high-resolution timing of events
tpu2tps.arj 4KTPU2TPS - Extracts SYSTEM.TPS from TP 6.0 or TPW 1.0 run-time library
tpxms.arj 13KTPXMS v1.1 - Extended memory routines for HIMEM.SYS
tpznew.arj 29KZModem sources, v2.22á
tsrunit.arj 7KTSR toolkit
tvcolors.arj 4KTurbo Vision palette handling scheme
unit_ext.arj 3KStandard unit exension proposals
uucpcode.arj 3KUUCP De/Encode sources
v24.arj 4KTP V24-Interrupt-Support v2.00
vecmatr.arj 2KSimple vector rotation. Requires SVGA256.BGI
vga256.arj 16KVGA256 BGI Driver and Samples
vgadraw.arj 1KMini VGA paint program
vgascrl.arj 0KScrolling VGA-256 screen
warnock.arj 5K3D war game sources
when2.arj 3KWhen (time/date) object
wordwrap.arj 1KWord-wrapping example

Total 2102 KBytes in 169 files
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