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- Archiver sources & Data compression algorithms

acms.arj 6KArithmetic coding and decoding
appnote.arj 11KGeneral file format of ZIP 2.x archives by PKWare
arc520s.lzh 39KArc v5.20 sources
cc.arj 10K.COM file compressor
codecs13.arj 35KLosslessy compression schemes tutorial: RLE/Huffman/LZW (C)
compress.arj 5KData compression algorithms descriptions 150KDynamic Markov compression by Tong Lai Yu
flzh.arj 6KFaster LZHuf compression
ha0999.arj 91KHA v0.999beta C sources
huff_sc.arj 12KHuffman compress encoder/decoder sources
jac.arj 4KPacking program to use with asynchronous data transmission. Better than MNP5, because it is adaptive
lha211s.arj 56KLha v2.11 sources
lhahdr.arj 1KLHA header description
lharc.lzh 42KLharc v1.13 sources
lzhuff.lzh 29KLharc v1.0 sources
lzrw.arj 2KLZRW1/KH compression algorithm in C
lzss.arj 2KLempel-Ziv-Storer-Szymanski (LZSS) algorithm
lzw.lzh 6KLempel-Ziv Welch algorithm (LZW) in C
lzwexp.arj 5KGood Lempel-Ziv Welch (LZW) compression algorithm explanation
lz_asm.arj 9KA file compressor and decompressor based on the Limpel-Ziv algorithm
lz_c.arj 17KExplains various algorithms of data compression. Includes C programs illustrating lzari, lzss and lzhuf methods
okumura.arj 17KLha compersion documentation
packalg.arj 91KLDS v1.1 - a collection of compression algorithms. It includes AR002, LZW, COMP, ASH, FIN, HUF, LZ, SPLAY, and LZRW1.
packer.arj 3KHuffman compression
pk-cmp10.arj 27KPKWARE Data Compression Library
portablc.arj 12KLZSS compression, file splitter 32KPriority queues and the STL - Example that reads in all the characters from a file and builds a Huffman encoding tree using an STL priority queue
rle.arj 4KRun-Length-Encoding (RLE) algorithm
splint.lzh 21KSplint v2.1 sources
squport.arj 17KSqueezing data compression in C
unarj241.exe 54KUnArj v2.41 with C sources
unzip.arj 6KUnZip v1.1 sources

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