3d.arj 447KMainstream PC 3D graphics technology - A 3D white paper from S3 Inc.
3dfaq.arj 11K3-D graphics FAQ 11KMath for 3D Rotations by Lithium /VLA
8259_pic.arj 2KPC PIC programming considerations
aas.arj 8KAdventure Authoring Systems FAQ
accesfmt.arj 6KWindows Accessories binary file formats (Write & Calendar)
algorith.arj 17KComputer graphics algorithms FAQ v1.16
animatio.arj 12KComputer Animation FAQ v1.2
ansidet.arj 1KDetecting ANSI.SYS
ansi_c.arj 126KANSI C standard draft
antianti.arj 3KAnti 'Anti-Debugging-Tricks'
antidbg.arj 5KAnti-Debugging-Tricks
asmi86.arj 4KInstruction set for 80x86 52KThis is the FAQ for the x86 Assembly Language programmers for the alt.lang.asm and comp.lang.asm.x86 newsgroups
asmtuttx.arj 16KA introduction to x86 assembly v0.9b 7KA MODE-13h documentary - The basics of the standard vgamode explained in detail
bastxmap.lzh 2KText file describing texture mapping in Basic
baudot.arj 0KBAUDOT code layout
bcc30bug.arj 3KBorland's C++ v 3.0 bug list
bgifont.arj 1KStructure of CHR fonts
bindery.arj 1KNovell's bindery processing
bor_cpp3.arj 4KAbout Borland C++ 3.0
btrees.arj 4KB-Trees explained
ca-tsa.arj 54KComputer Adventures, The Secret Art by Gil Williamson (book)
calalgs.arj 2KCalendar calculation algorithms
cas10b.arj 23KDCA/Intel Communicating Applications Specification v1.00
cdromfaq.arj 4KCD-ROM programming FAQ v1.00
classlib.arj 13KTurbo C++ Class Library definition
cmdline.arj 2KCommand Line Parms
cmos.arj 1KCMOS addresses
comp_faq.arj 49Kcomp.os.msdos.programmer FAQ v2.03
concdosd.arj 0KConcurrent DOS detection
conctpts.arj 3KConnect points 73KEverything you always wanted to know about math coprocessors
cpptour.arj 52KC++ tutor
cpp_doc.arj 38KC++ Programming Language: Reference Manual
crypto.arj 2KCryptographic bibliography 603KDeveloper Information Pack for Phone Blaster Series v1.00 - Contains hardware programming reference, programmer's guide, library reference, Windows low level audio API, Windows MCI commands and sample code
cur_key.arj 0KAccessing the cursor keys
dataenc.arj 5KSome notes on data encryption
dbasefil.arj 1KdBase file structures
dbf_stru.arj 2KdBase file structures
design.arj 10KGames design FAQ
difftime.arj 0KCalculate time difference between 2 date/times
dma_rti.arj 5KHow to program the DMA
dos5ints.arj 0KMS-DOS 5.0 Interrupts 282KProgrammer's Technical Reference for MSDOS and the IBM PC v3.3
dpmi.arj 34KDos Protected Mode Interface spec. v0.9
dvcalng.arj 29KNorton Guide about DESQview calls and data structures
dvm_form.arj 1KDVM movie file format (1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1) specification 137KWindows Programmer FAQ (WinHelp file)
fat.arj 3KDescriptions of the FAT
faxform.arj 3KFormat of CCITT FAX files
fecfg130.arj 7KFastEcho 1.30 Gamma structs (C/Pascal)
fifobits.arj 4K16550 complete description and programming reference
fossil.arj 15KFOSSIL Reference Guide 0.01a (NG)
fuzzy.arj 1KFuzzy search algorithm 35KThe getting started guide to game development FAQ
gccfaq10.arj 11KFAQ of how to access PC hardware for games under DJGPP (GNU C Compiler), including samples
gmouse.lzh 7KNorton Guide for Genius Mouse Driver
graffaq2.arj 9KGraphics Frequently asked questions (2)
graf_faq.arj 8KGraphics Frequently asked questions
gravity.arj 5KGravity FAQ - The information contained in document will allow you to realistically simulate jumping and interstellar maneuvers
grpnames.arj 1KC group names explained (DATA,BSS...)
help40.arj 228KTech Help v4.0 277KHelpPC v2.10 - BIOS,DOS,EMS & Mouse functions, BIOS & DOS data structs, diagnosticdes, 80x86 assembler instructions, hardware specs
intelc.arj 0KIntel-Hex file format 353KInterrupt List Release 57 - comprehensive listing of interrupt calls, I/O ports, memory locations, far-call interfaces, and more for IBM PCs and compatible machines, both documented and undocumented. [1/4] 351KInterrupt List Release 57 [2/4] 353KInterrupt List Release 57 [3/4] 627KInterrupt List Release 57 [4/4] 332KInterrupt List Release 57 utility programs 262KInterrupt List Release 57 WinHelp programs 310KInterrupt List Release 57 conversion programs
intshare.arj 7KInterrupt vector sharing (like PS/2)
io_int13.arj 0KHow to hook into IO.SYS INT 0x13 backend
ipx.arj 16KProgrammers reference to Novell's IPX
ipx2.arj 6KHow to send IPX packets over a network
isr.arj 1KReleasing memory of an ISR that hooks vectors
julian.arj 2KJulian Day number to calendar conversions
lens.arj 10KHow to implement the lens effect
lens.lzh 10KText and GIF file on how to make a lens effect 4KMicrosoft Library (.LIB) Format
limems41.arj 66KLotus-Intel-Microsoft expanded memory (EMS) specifications v4.0 with programming examples
loadall.arj 3KDescription of Loadall instruction 3KText on the LOADALL instruction
lockkey.arj 1KHow to lockout keyboard
lxexe.arj 17KLinear executable module format description 2KInfo on voxel technique used to create the Mars landscape demo
mcgatut.arj 9KMCGA tutorial (with examples, to be cont.)
memograf.arj 0KAdd ANSI and GIF graphics to memo fields
memory.arj 7KNorton Guide about ROM BIOS data area
mickey.arj 3KMicroSoft plans for future OS platforms
modex.arj 10KX-Mode FAQ
mouse.arj 4KNorton Guide about Mouse services
mousetut.arj 4KThe Microsoft Mouse Driver Tutorial
mscdex21.arj 40KMicrosoft CD-ROM MS-DOS Extensions 2.1 programming guide
ncmain.arj 1KNorton Commander -> viewer parameters
ng_ints.arj 35KNorton Guide to PC/AT interrupts 15KLinker Overview
oop_faq.arj 2KFAQ about OOP 16KHow to optimize code on a 386/486/Pentium
os2-qa.arj 13KIBM's questions and answers on OS/2 2.0 7KA new approximation technique for the Phong shading model based on linear interpolation of angles
packet-d.arj 12KPC/TCP Version 1.09 Packet Driver Specification 702KThe PC Games Programmers Encyclopedia v1.0a
pcstruct.arj 11KPCBoard v14.5 structures
pctech.arj 10KAn article from PC Tech journal describing 256 color animation
pcxhdr.arj 1KPCX file header (yeah, once more...)
pentopt.arj 54KHow to optimize for the Pentium processors by Agner Fog
pif220.arj 1KDESQview 2.2x PIF file format
pii.arj 6K10 000 places of Pii
pkbor.arj 2KStruct of Borland help files (TCH,TPH,TAH) 29KProtected Mode Tutorial v0.02
protmode.arj 0KProgramming under Rational Systems DOS ext.
rastruct.arj 11KRemote Access data file structures
reboot.arj 0KFAQ: How to reboot
riffmci.arj 54KMultimedia Programming Interface and Data Specifications 1.0
rndseq.arj 0KRandom sequence generator
rotate.arj 0KRotate array data 7KThe Sapphire Stream Cipher encryption/decryption
scan_doc.arj 18KHP ScanJet Programmer's Guide
shellsrt.arj 1KShell sort explained 101KMicrosoft Networks SMB file sharing protocol - describes the Lan Manager Server Message Block (SMB) file sharing protocol. Client systems use this protocol to request file, print, and communications service from server systems over a ne
soft_eng.arj FAQ
ss0288.arj 53KRelocatable object module format
superker.arj 0KSuper-kermit explained
svga_pgm.arj 13KSuper VGA programming tips 8KType One's N-Buffering explanations + pseudo-code 9KType One's (S)VGA Tricks, Part I - UniVBE, HiColor, 50/60Hz, ultipage, DRAMs speed up, 320x256, 120Hz. Explanations + ASM
tcxl.arj 8KTCXL gripes
textmap.lzh 10KDocument about texture mapping and rotated prallellograms in 3D space 145KA self-explanatory description of 3 approaches to real-time texture mapping such as that done in DOOM
tgrec25i.arj 19KTelegard 2.5i Msg structure
trees.arj 8KMore on trees, binary or otherwise
ttf_hlp.arj 568KTrueType font specifications (Windows Help file)
uuxxcode.arj 1KFAQ: Uuencoding and Uudecoding
vbe20.arj 19KVESA BIOS Extention/Core Functions v2.0 - draft by SciTech
vcpi.arj 16KHypertext file about Virtual Control Program Interface (VCPI)
vcpispec.arj 17KVirtual Control Program Interface spec.
vesa.arj 8KBIOS extension standard for Super VGA modes 15KVESA BIOS Extension v1.2 specs 564KCollection of programming information on (Super)VGA chipsets 6KPhong lighting and specular highlights. Theory, practice and explaination of the phong lighting and shading model 23KA tutorial on setting and using VESA2.0 modes correctly. Included ASM source, OBJ file, C example & header
videoprg.arj 268KProgrammer's Guide to PC and PS/2 Video Systems
vintro.arj 31KIntroduction to V20/V30
watcomgp.arj 6KThe Watcom C/C++ Game Programmer's FAQ
xms.arj 10KXMS Memory specifications v2.0
xms_ng.arj 22KNorton Guide for XMS 457KS‚bastien Loisel's tutorial for 2d and 3d vector and texture mapped graphics v0.80 7KDiscssion of strategy games AI posted in

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