- Demo source code

as.lzh 6KASM code from Amnesia's VR section (Tran)
birthsrc.lzh 24KA birthday card ASM source (nice dots)
bits93.lzh 32KBits93 ASM source (lens and scroller) 501KBytes & Kisses by JL Enterprises. Required: 386SX-25 or higher. Supports: GUS/SB(Pro)/DAC/Int 422KDemo for Guernsey's Premier BBS!!!!
blasintr.lzh 19KBlastersound BBS intro source (ASM) 11KASM source of game that fints into a bootsector (512 bytes) 547KThe Byte Before Christmas v1.1 by JL Enterprises. Required: 386SX-25 or higher. Supports: GUS/SB(Pro)/DAC/Int 143KCopper Faked by The Faker 14K4kb intro called chaos from asm94
cool.lzh 16KThis is the ASM source code for a small BBS ad. 327KSource code to Fake Demo
fcdemoex.lzh 9KData file extractor for Future Crew demos 31KStarPort BBS Intro II 817KSources of FairyTale/Styx [ASM] 579KInconexia's Art-Gallery sequence
hellsrc.lzh 60KHell Demo Full Assembly Source Code! 361KWater/Credits effect from Iquana's Heartquake demo (1994) ³ 236KInconexia by Iguana 20KCopper Bars by -=Type One=- 20KImmortal Syndicate BBS Loader #2 full TASM source 155KKUKOO II by Type One - An Advertising Intro for -= Pleasure Access BBS =- 27KParanoid's 4kb intro source 79KPowergrid Loader - ASM, Adlib/Soundblaster 287KPhro demo - Phong shading, environment mapping, warping, tunnel
plasma3.arj 15KHi-res Plasma by btf / Esponge. Uses hi-res VGA modex stuff to get a nice output. Full code, exe & some palettes to try 5KPoincare Section of Ueda attractor. Source code included
rastdemo.arj 183KCollection of raster style demos (C+Asm) 31KRaster Bars by -=Type One=- (Pascal+Asm) 32KASM - Source Code to SEASICK /VLA 6KShadebobs coded by NutCracker of the Immortal Syndicate, sometime in early '94 21KSquid1.Com ASM source. 1899-byte BBS Addy by cld & The Doctor. Includes: Char smoother Mini-player for AdLib, 8x16 charset 63KSnow by natas of lithium 11KA BBS advert 348KFull source code to Timeless by Tran 24KThe Underwírld BBS Loader 185KVector Balls II demo sources 37KVector Balls demo source 172KVirtual Lame by Paradise - Virtual skulls and balls, with full source..
wcimit.lzh 12KImitation of World Charts by VLA 74KSource code for the ACiDween greeter by Wonder Monkey 564KSource Code for Id's Wolfenstein 3D

Total 6547 KBytes in 42 files
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