Programming.Source.C++ 83KAstar pathfinder algorithm class
admem100.arj 2KShows DOS memory allocation blocks
admem100.lzh 7KMemory info v1.00 - Shows DOS MCBs, incl DOS5 UMBs. Detects multitasking/TSR programs (ADC++)
asycls11.arj 6KASYNC class for C++
bam_sys.arj 6KBidirectional Associative Memory systems
collect.arj 2KCollection class
complex.arj 4KComplex class
cppcom.arj 23KModem, serialport, timer, CRC, comm
dview.arj 40KView - BSP based rendering engine for Id WADs
files.arj 14KFile class
fontcdlg.arj 4KBorland C++ Owl example of Windows 3.1 common font dialog
fortify.arj 22KFortify - fortified memory allocation shell for C and C++
gconio.arj 7KGraphics CONIO class for BC++
gif87.arj 9KClass library for GIF file handling
mouselib.arj 1KMouse functions library
mtl100je.arj 26KDOSThread class: a base class for multithreaded DOS programs
mtsk.arj 8KC++ multitasking kernal
oodebug.arj 3KMinimal Object-Oriented Debugger for C++
oops!.arj 8KC++ programming examples 205KA raycasting engine for real-time 3D rendering
serio_cp.arj 5KSerial I/O in C++
ser_cpp.arj 3KJim Nutt's C++ interface to FOSSIL
setclass.arj 3KC++ Set class
string.arj 1KAnother small string class for C++
strings.arj 15KString class 46KTelnet client for Windows NT/95 console
triplas.arj 1KPlasma triangle - A variation on the original plasma algorithm
usage120.lzh 9KMail/User graph v1.20 for FD/Binkley. Reads FD's or Binkley's log-file, and generates an usage graph (ADC++)
vdma.arj 1KVDMA programing routines
wd_src.arj 42KWolfDoom demo sources 10KFont editor 15KWinged-edge data structure - a powerful mathematical technique for representing the geometry and topology of 3-D objects for radiosity rendering, structural analysis, and other finite element applications. 93KOctree Color Quantization - Thorough technical discussion of Gervautz and Purgathofer's octree color quantization algorithm for reducing the number of colors in a bitmap image

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