- Graphics

132_cols.arj 2KFind 132 column video mode for EGA/VGA
allen.arj 3KA pixel ordering algorithm <Norton T. Allen>
blinkbit.arj 1KToggling blink bit in TC
bres_13h.arj 1KChest: Bresenham's algorithms for MCGA mode
circles.arj 1KSome circle-drawing demo 8KCross fade from one picture to another (mode 13h)
cursor.arj 1KCursor mangling in C
dbvgal17.arj 87KC library for VGA/SVGA programming (with sources)
duvanenk.arj 3KImproving line segment clipping <Victor J. Duvanenko, W. E. Robbins & Ronald S. Gyurcsik> 3KHow to use mouse driver in SVGA
firecode.lzh 53KA collection of 4 fire routines 53KFIRE Routines - A collection of fire demos 10KFire routine for Windows by Jare of Iguana. Requires the WinG library
fontdemo.arj 1KText font manipulations (from PC Magazine)
fpoly256.arj 18KVGA 256 polygon and line blitter package 1027KFractint v19.6 complete C and ASM source for the DOS-based fractal generator. Requires Microsoft C/C++ 7.0 or later or Borland C/C++ 3.1 or later. 17KFull Screen Rotation and Scaling
gif2eps.arj 3KGIF to postscript converter
gifpcx.arj 4KPCX viewers 135KGouraud shading by Tumblin
hsi.arj 1KUsing VGA256.BGI driver 17KHorizontal Stars by Darion - source code of horizontal star field 22KHeartquake's Voxel Landscape sources. C+ASM
keyber.arj 18KYet another Cyrillic driver (in C)
king.arj 2KDrawing character shapes with Bezier curves <Todd King> 31KCircle xor wrap
ks_land.arj 29KPlasma landscape 76KFast sphere texture map by Keith Sibson
line3d.arj 0K3D line-drawing routine 5KLine-segment clipping by Victor Duvanenko, W.E. Robbins, and R.S. Gyurcsik
linedrw.arj 2KLine drawing demystified
ll_frac.lzh 32KFractal landscape by Lord Logic.
ll_land2.lzh 145KSecond version of fractal landscape by Lord Logic. Good documentation, examples, explanations.
mand_256.arj 2KMandelbrot fields...
matrix.lzh 93KMATRIX by Simon Hern - simple Doom-floor-effect type demo
mpeg12.arj 268KMPEG v1.2 - Image and image sequence compression/decompression C software engine (MPEG, CCITT H.261 (P*64), JPEG) 8KColor quantization using octrees 48KVoxel landscape explanation and demo
paterson.arj 0KCircles and the digital differential analyzer <Tim Paterson>
pb_unp_c.arj 1KPaintBrush file reader
pcx.arj 2KPCX file mangling
pcxdisp.arj 2KDisplaying PCX files
pcxfmt.arj 8KLots of stuff about ZSoft PCX
pcxsave.arj 3KSave graphics to ZSoft PCX file ( C )
piclbsrc.arj 59KPICture LAB (C sources; TARGA, GIF, RIX...)
pvstar.arj 1KSTAR - Points of light generator 40KA simple scrolling demo
source.arj 25KSmall Ega library to C
splitpan.lzh 5KEGA/VGA spliting and panning sources
svgaprog.arj 1KSuper-VGA programming 47KSlimy Texture Mapping
tcvector.arj 2KVector graphics examples in TC
tridplot.arj 1KChest: Direct graphics access for Trident SVGA
tseng.arj 0KChest: Double buffering with ET-4000 VGA chipset 21KTube type effect
tween.arj 7KTweening demo
v16pcx.arj 2KView 16 color PCX files
v256pcx.arj 1KView 256 color PCX files
vga256.arj 29KShowHow: 256 colors demo with TC sources
vgafade.arj 0KFading VGA-256 picture
vgapal.arj 1KVGA pallette/DAC programming
vga_dir.arj 1KChest: MCGA mode block operations (fill, scroll)
video05.arj 24KVideo v0.5 - routines to access the Video-Blaster and compatible cards 19KVidMgr 1.1 provides a set of screen drawing, cursor and keyboard routines for text mode MS-DOS, OS/2 and Windows NT applications 9KGenerates voxel terrain map 86KWFliLib - FLI/FLC play library. Plays FLI/FLC 256 color animation files. Source included for Watcom C/C++ 10.0 218KWGT Graphics Tutorial #5 - Realtime morphing, image fading, color quantization and texture mapping. Source+explanation
wormhole.lzh 128KWorm hole effect
xgakit.arj 12KXGA programming toolkit
xsharp.arj 54KX-Sharp 3D animation package v21
zipgraph.arj 11KZipGraph Graphics routines

- Sorting/Searching/Coding/Converting

(c)find.arj 1K(C)opyright finder in files
anavfilt.arj 1KChest: ANSI & AVATAR filter
arrsplit.arj 10KArray splitting
arr_swp.arj 1KFaster array swapping
beta_sp4.c 8KNatural cubic spline zoom code by Santos, Tutida & Moure
bintree.arj 4KPosix binary tree routines
bitfile.arj 1KReading/writing bit files
bomoho.arj 2KChest: Boyer-Moore-Horspool pattern match
boyer&m.arj 1KBoyer-Moore fast search algorithm
bplus11.arj 16Kb-tree indexing file module for C
bsp_tree.arj 2KBinary space-partioning (BSP) trees
btoa.arj 3KBinary To ASCII and back
b_plusud.arj 17KA B-Tree indexing file module for C programmers
crypt.arj 1KChest: Yet another crypter program
c_des.arj 3KDES implementation in C
des.arj 4KAnd another DES implementation
descore.arj 19KFast DES ecrypt/decrypt routines
dhash.arj 0KDouble Hashing algorithm
extboy.arj 1KExtended Boyer-Moore search
factryl.arj 1KChest: Get fast approximation of N-th permutation
fft.arj 4KFast Fourier conversion in C
fft142.arj 27KCalculate fast Fourier transform of time domain curve 45KGeneral Search And Replace v1.07 - a utility for searching for and optionally replacing strings in both text and binary files
juldate.arj 1KAnother julian date converter
nboyer.arj 3KChest: New Boyer-Moore search
net_des.arj 14KDES implementation in C
permute.arj 4KFind permuatations of given string
pigeons.arj 2KChest: Pigeon sort algorithm
priqe.arj 4KPriority queues
qlstsort.arj 0KQuickSort for linked lists
red&blck.arj 2KRed & Black Trees
redbla.arj 39KThreaded RedBlack trees library sources
rsaref2.arj 88KRSAREF v2.0 - A Cryptographic Toolkit Library
scaldate.arj 0KAntoher set of scalar date routines
scoder.arj 4Ks-coder - File encryptor/decryptor
shrexc.arj 7KShrinking spawner in C
shuffle2.arj 2KMore on array shuffling...
sqrt.arj 0KFast square root routine
stristr.arj 0KCase-insensitive strstr()
suveaeg.arj 1KCalculating day of the week
ultostr.arj 2KNumber base conversions
uudecode.arj 5KUUDECODE (For UNIX mailers)
uuxfer20.arj 28KUUencode/UUdecode sources in C

- Converters/Compilers/Decompilers/Comparers

alink.arj 17KAbsolute Linker v1.0
bfc.arj 1KBinary File Compare
fhelp.arj 2KCreating Norton Guide of protos from *.H
ng_split.arj 8KSplits Norton Guide files into components
nodupes.arj 1KRemove duplicate lines from DOC's
pbmtodot.arj 7KConvert a portable bitmap into dot-matrix printer commands
stmfmt.arj 2KScreamTracker file format loader
unhelp.arj 1KYet another TC++ help discompiler
wstext.arj 0KConvert WS files to plain ASCII
xlat100.arj 2KUniversal ASCII converter

- Hardware handling

cmouse.arj 1KMicrosoft mouse routines
comptype.arj 2KCheck out the computer type 60KTMiOSDGL v1.17 - CPU/FPU Detection Library. Recognizes 28+ CPUs and 18+ FPUs, checks for V86 and determines CPU clock speed. ASM/PAS/C[++] sources included! Windows, OS/2 & DESQview-aware. Differs i486, Cx486 and some Am4
cputype.arj 4KDetecting 286/386
c_mouse.arj 5KC code to access INT 33 mouse interface
devdrv.arj 2KWrite device drivers in Microsoft C
dmamoves.arj 5KDMA-based memory moves
drvalid.arj 2KValidate disk drive
drvrdy.arj 1KCheck for floppy ready (absolute read)
drvtype.arj 0KCheck the disk drive type
getequip.arj 1KGet machine equipment information 140KGrIP (Gravis Interface Protocol) Development Package v1.0 - With GrIP it is possible to connect multiple control devices each with multiple buttons through a standard gameport
harderr.arj 8KCritical error management technique demo
icall.arj 0KInterrupt handling examples in C
idd.lzh 12KInstallable device drivers in Turbo C
idediag.arj 2KIde Hard drive Diagnostics
joystick.arj 5KReading joystick 20KKeyboard IRS library
mschrt.arj 11KMicrosoft C high resolution timer
mswait.arj 3KMillisecond-precise wait
queues.arj 4KCreating queue services
uc_snd.arj 17KPC beeper library
valdrv2.arj 1KCheck for existing disk drives

- Networking

ipxstart.arj 19KInformation and examples for basic IPX network programming
netbios.arj 7KC Samples to Network programming 125KWATTCP - Waterloo TCP library

- Communication

cheapcom.arj 13KMAC cheap communication program
crc1632.arj 3KHeader file for CRC-16 & CRC-32 calculating
crc32tbl.arj 1KGenerating CRC-32 tables run-time
c_foss.arj 1KMartin Pollard's C interface to FOSSIL
fido.arj 1KFIDO message and packet structs
fidoadr.arj 4KParseing routines for 5D Fidonet addresses
fidotime.arj 1KConvert DOS time to FTS format
intser.arj 2KInterrupt-handled communications
mnp.arj 45KSources for MNP emulator
pcsea.arj 9KSEALink protocol sources
qwkfmt.arj 1KC header file for handling QWK message format
qwkhdr.arj 1KQWK packet structures
replsrc.arj 24KMessage base reply chain linker 1.0
sercomm.arj 1KInterrupt driven serial input in C
serterm.arj 2KAnother serial in pure C (with simple term)
smsg_101.arj 6KUtility to send messages for *.MSG or Squish bases
tcqb.arj 11KCIS B and CIS QUICK B protocol TC sources
temkerm.arj 15KSmall and elegant Kermit implementation
terminal.arj 3KTerminal emulator sources for AMIGA
tinycomm.arj 15KTinyComm & SmallComm sources (from DDJ)
unixgate.arj 13KSome gateway sources from Bob Hartman
uuxfer.arj 14KVery sophisticated UU??CODE
vtermsrc.arj 16KUNIX version of VTERM
xmodem.arj 1KXModem source
xmodem1.arj 1KAnother XModem implementation
xyzmodem.arj 30KUNIX sz/rz sources
zmodem_c.arj 4KZModem Protocol Primitives 529KLibrary with sources for writing fax & voice applications for ZyXEL fax-modems

- DesqView

asciitbl.arj 6KAscii table for DESQview (<3K code in C!)
detect00.arj 8KTopview, DESQview, OMNIview detection
dpmiload.arj 3KBorland's DPMI interface fixes
dvlib.arj 9KDESQview API programming library
dvload.arj 2KStart DV task from command line
dvmulti.arj 11KDESQview test from MIPS magazine
vhdw.arj 1KMore on video/DESQview detection

- Memory managment

amalloc.arj 1KAnother multi-D malloc
dvmam11.arj 19KDynamic Memory management toolkit
emsdet.arj 2KDetecting EMS memory
globinit.arj 2KVariable initialization from file
iaca.arj 1KInter-Application Communication Area demo
mdalloc.arj 1KMulti-dimensional array allocator
mikdll.arj 20KDocs, routines & example code for creating & using your own dynamic loadable routines/drivers for DOS 10KPROGREX'94 - 32bit memory addressing technique for real-mode
stack.arj 1KStack implementation functions


255files.arj 1KMore FILES under DOS 3.x (up to 255)
c'tree.arj 8KLike Norton Change Directory
cdir.arj 1KChdir over drives/partitions 34KC-sort and pack v4.2.3 - directory sorter and packer
dates.arj 1KComparing dates
dirsize.arj 2KCalculate directory size
fcopy2.arj 0KChest: Another file to file copy
fff310.arj 19KFast File Find 3.10 with sources
filecopy.arj 1KChest: Copy file to file 20KGlobal Environment Variable List/Set/Clear v1.1
iptut001.arj 18KTutorial on critical error (0x24) handler
mastenv.arj 1KChest: Locate master environment under DOS
pd0836.arj 68KDoubleSpace System Application Programming Interfaces (API) v1.00.05 and DoubleSpace Compressed Volume File (CVF) format
posix.arj 2KPOSIX file search
prnspool.arj 1KSpooled printing with PRINT installed
setvol.arj 1KReading-writing volume label
shelling.arj 0KShelling to DOS
std_redr.arj 0KRedirecting stdout
tc_tsr.arj 1KChest: TSR skeleton for Turbo C users
tquery.arj 1KTimed input functions for batch progs.
truename.arj 1KChest: Get true name of the file (undoc DOS int)
tsrset.arj 2KWriting TSR code in C
wildname.arj 0KChest: Compare 'wildcarded' filenames
xfiles.arj 3KFaster text files
xstrcmp.arj 0KChest: Compare 'wildcarded' strings

- Misc

argd4dos.arj 1K4DOS CMDLINE= parsing
bawk.arj 20KPC AWK (text processor) sources
bignum.arj 2K*BIG* numbers in C
bpnn133u.arj 21KBack Propagation Neural Net Engine 1.33u - DOS and unix (C)
c-profil.arj 6KC profiler
c-winsrc.arj 14KC windowing sources
cad-dis.arj 1KCtrl-Alt-Del disabling
cal.arj 1KCalendar
calendr.arj 1KChest: Show calendar page for given year/month
capt_9.arj 0KCapture INT 9 to ignore breaks and boots
cmusic.arj 1KMusic in C
contest.arj 1KObfuscated C Code Contest winners
cpr34.arj 19KC source printer (with TOC et all) 11KC Tutorial #2 by Desolation /VLA 3KC Tutorial #3 by Desolation /VLA
c_clock.arj 0KC exsample of resident clock
c_life.arj 1K"Life" game source
c_scrsav.arj 1KChest: TSR screen blanker in C
c_src_db.arj 15KdBase III interface routines for C
c_storag.arj 0KC storage classes
date2yd.arj 2KYear date/day conversions 62KDemo Device Driver for OS/2. Source code example to build you own device driver
deth_src.arj 29KDethroids game sources
dispclk.arj 1KClever way to display time
ditdah.arj 0KFunny C program :)
driver.arj 28KSCO UNIX C development package
envy.arj 876KEnvyMud v1.0 sources
errorf.arj 0Kperror() improved
eval2.arj 2KBob Stout's simple expression evaluator
exo_snd.arj 1KChest: Two distinctive sounds in C
expeval.arj 5KArithmetic Expression evaluator
fixfloa2.arj 60KFIX-FLOAT - a library for rapid handling of decimal numbers represented on a fixed point binary notation
getopt.arj 2KChest: Unix's 'standard' way for processing args
grep.arj 1KGREP-like function
housemus.arj 2KHow to compose house music (fun!)
hssqrt.arj 1KA high speed, low precision square root by Paul Lalonde and Robert Dawson
hyprtxt.arj 3KHypertext
i-worm.arj 25KComplete source for intenet worm
interp11.arj 6KJonathan Guthrie's arithmetic expression interpreter (ANSI C)
intersct.arj 4KDetecting intersecting lines
kaboooom.arj 5KMine field game 15KKADfile - an instructional pack on appending data files to EXEs
keystuff.arj 1KStuff keystrokes to keyboard buffer
math.arj 15KC math library
matrixc.arj 4KMatrix algebra
maze.arj 0KMaze generator
mhs-c.arj 24KMHS Gateway programming for NetWare
mineliz.arj 1KMini-Eliza - Artificial Intelligence simulator
moonph.arj 2KCalculating moon phase
mpeg1_ii.arj 65KMPEG-1 source code for the Audio decoder layer 1, 2 and 3 v4.1
neat783.arj 3KAntivirus for NET783
pi.arj 1KCalcualting PI
pointcod.arj 0KProgram to plot Points Based on Differential Origins 37KPopCALC v1.00 PopCALC - a TSR integer calculator using C operator/expression syntax. It also includes ROTATE operator for assembler programmers. Computed result may be passed to the foreground application
rand32.arj 3K32-bit random generator 4KMarsaglia-Zaman Random Number Generator (2^144 period)
sb.arj 1KChest: Some sort of SoundBlaster demo?
scannumb.arj 1KInput numbers like '1 1/2' 2KTic-Tac-Toe game
self-rep.arj 1KSelf-reproducing programs
setargv.arj 2KSample command line parser
snip9510.lzh 715K500+ files of C/C++ source code - all PD and freeware - contains the best C/C++ answers to "How do I..?" programming questions 942KThe SNIPPETS collection is an archive of over 700 separate files, over 94,000 lines of mostly C/C++ source code - all public domain and freeware - which contains the best C/C++ answers to "How do I...?" programming questions.
somegame.arj 1KA tiny little maze-solving game
sound.arj 4KSound and us-precise timing in C
sound2.arj 1KYet another sound&music in C
uni_rand.arj 0KFill array with unique random numbers
who.arj 1KDisplay list of users logged into novell netware
xmas.arj 1KElectronic xmas card

Total 8203 KBytes in 288 files
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