Programming.Source.Basic 5KReal-time 3D demo for QBasic
decgif.arj 2KDecode GIF files. Mode 13h supported.
dialer.arj 6KWargame dialer
dualmon1.arj 24KLister for Mono monitor on 2 monitor system
gifread2.arj 4KGIF reader/plotter written in QuickBASIC 4.5
gifshowr.arj 1KGIF viewing source code for PowerBasic 3.0
huffman.arj 7KA Demonstration of Huffman compression in QBASIC 109KJPEG file image display in Visual Basic 4 (16 bit) 8KMinesweeper game (VGA)
qbser20.arj 21KQBserial v2.0 - Serial I/O routines for use with QuickBasic
qb_vect.arj 2KFast vector routines for QBasic
spbas.arj 22KSignal processing routines
zoxan.arj 3KZoxan II game

Total 220 KBytes in 13 files
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