Music.Miscellaneous Utilities

- Loaders & Frontends

adlmnu12.arj 48KPlays .ROL files (FrontEnd Jukebox)
dmpc240.arj 94KDual DMP companion shell v2.40 - The front end for almost any music player
it110.arj 44KInside Tracker 1.10. TB frontend.
loader.lzh 14KScreamTracker Loader v1.05
mdat150.arj 27KUtility for Jukebox.
mpfront.arj 36KFrontend for ModPlay PRO
sound2.arj 4KShorter version of TrakBlaster 2.0
stl_08b.lzh 37KScreamTracker Loader v0.8á
tbjuke10.arj 4KTrakBlaster JukeBox V.1.00. 4DOS req.
tm-1.arj 7KTrak Menu. Another Good Trakblaster Front End. Plays LZH.
trkmt18.arj 33KTrakMaster 1.8. TB frontend.

- MIDI utilities

korg0002.arj 4KKorg 707 sysex dump
lapc1rst.arj 48KLAPC-1 Reset Utility
mdf31.arj 26KMIDI data filter v3.1 - Send and receive MIDI sysex dumps on a PC
mididrum.arj 35KMIDI drum machine for Multimedia Windows. Modified for GUS. Sources included.
midipeek.arj 10KMonitor for the Roland MPU-401 MIDI interface
miditest.arj 9KGUS MIDI port test program - display raw incoming MIDI data. C sources included
mt32gs.arj 17KGeneral MIDI emulator for Roland synths
mtreset.arj 20KUtility to reset your LAPC-1 or MT-32

- FM instrument editors

aimdemo.arj 15KAlternative Instrument Maker (.INS)
aimtrick.arj 1KTrick for Aimdemo.
bnk1183.arj 16KFM instrument bank. Contains 1183 instruments
fms.arj 58KFM instrument editor for VGA
insgen10.arj 68KGoody .SBI instrument editor
instr100.arj 16KGerman PD .INS Instrument Maker

- Emulators

gsmt20.arj 42KGS MIDI for the MT-32 v2.0
mega-em.arj 114KMega-Em v2.03 - MT-32/LAPC/Sound Canvas and Sound Blaster emulator for GUS
sb2mv.arj 2KVirtual Sound Blaster. Emulate SoundBlaster on Pro Audio Spectrum
sb_emul.arj 2KSB-Emulator v0.9 - Emulate SoundBlaster on Covox Speech Thing or on other D/A converter. 386+ required
vsb103.arj 8KVirtual SoundBlaster - SoundBlaster emulator for Covox & PC-Speaker

- Module rippers

exm03ppp.arj 10KExMod v0.3 - The ultimate MOD Extractor
exmod01.arj 12KMOD Extractor v0.1b, rip mods from demos
jmgcmrip.arj 67KSTM/MOD music ripper
s3mrip.arj 12KUtility for ripping S3M files from demos
sea150.arj 6KSteal Em All v1.50 - MOD ripper
stmrip.arj 6KJmagic's STM ripper

- MOD Plugin

modpl_ie.exe 197KMOD Plugin v1.72 for Microsoft Internet Explorer. Plays 669, IT, MED, MOD, MOL, MTM, NST, S3M, ULT, WOW and XM modules
modpl_ns.exe 197KMOD Plugin v1.72 for Netscape Navigator. Plays 669, IT, MED, MOD, MOL, MTM, NST, S3M, ULT, WOW and XM modules 195KMOD Plugin v1.72 for OS/2 Warp. Plays 669, IT, MED, MOD, MOL, MTM, NST, S3M, ULT, WOW and XM modules

- Other stuff

adlbell.arj 1KRedirects PC speaker beep to SB/Adlib
admuse30.arj 62KAdMuse v3.0
cmsdef.arj 5KLogitech defines for CMS organ and player
fftmorse.arj 25KFFT Morse Code Decoder v1.0 - decode morse with SoundBlaster
fm42.arj 14KFM 3812 resident driver. Substitude for SOUND.COM
lc_v19b.arj 41KLoudCall 1.9B, yell program for BBS's.
modcln11.arj 14KModClean v1.1 - Removes unused patterns and samples from .MOD file
modvw10.arj 11KMODVIEW V1.0 - Displays sample and pattern info in sound/noise/protracker format.
musmn100.arj 62KMusic Manager version 1.00
mvsound.arj 9KMVSound v3.19 - Driver for Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum family soundcards
nowspeak.lzh 144KSpeech Synthesizer
passtate.arj 11KSave and restore all Pro Audio Spectrum 16 settings
paswin.exe 62KUpdated Pro AudioSpectrum Windows Driver
playcd.arj 31KPlay CD's with CD-ROM and music card
polynote.lzh 4KPlays music with covox
proyell.arj 3KSoundBlaster PRO yell for BBS softwares
tran.lzh 31KSpeach Synthesizer 12KMODDIR v2.0 - Lists dir of modules with name, size and title 5KZorlim's BPM (Beats / Minute meter) for MS-DOS systems. You just hit anykey with the beatrate and you can see how many beats there will be in minute. Speed can be measured in 3 seconds

Total 2139 KBytes in 58 files
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