Music.Gravis Ultrasound Utilities

apollo.arj 176KComputerised Sound Improvement v0.90á - A Digital Delay Program for the Gravis Ultrasound Card 720KGravis UltraSound (GF1) Windows 95 Drivers v1.1
gus0043.arj 0KLatest drivers and utilities v4.30 206KUltraSound Setup v0.1 alpha (1-24-95)
gus0045.arj 83KUpdates drivers GUS UltraSounds for Windows v4.57 11KUltraSound Initialization Program - ULTRINIT.EXE v2.26a 61KUltraSound Windows Driver v5.50
gus32.arj 164KGUS Drivers for Sierra 32bit games 1351KGravis Ultrasound software for DOS & Windows Disk 1/6. Version 3.59 1395KDisk 2/6 1299KDisk 3/6 1340KDisk 4/6 1332KDisk 5/6 934KDisk 6/6
gus411.a01 1073KAdvanced Gravis software update for GUS/MAX/ACE Version 4.11 [2/3]
gus411.a02 854KAdvanced Gravis software update for GUS/MAX/ACE Version 4.11 [3/3]
gus411.arj 1073KAdvanced Gravis software update for GUS/MAX/ACE Version 4.11 [1/3] 10KGusDump v1.0 - dumps entire contents of your GUS DRAM to a file
gusmix11.arj 13KGusMix 1.1 - A TSR utility for enabling or disabling line input, output and mic input 22KGravis Ultrasound Mixer for OS/2 2.x v1.0
maxsbos.arj 1012KSBOS Sound Blaster Emulator for UltraSound MAX v0.21á 846KMega-Em v3.06b - Roland MT-32/LAPC1/Sound Canvas/General MIDI/Sound Blaster emulator
os2_031a.arj 84KGravis Ultrasound drivers for OS/2. Alpha ver from Graivs
pplt_150.arj 1366KPro Patches Lite v1.50 by Eero R„s„nen - patch set upgrade for 1 meg GUS/MAX/ACE. Contains: 157 better sounding patches, Easy-to-use "Patmenu" program for managing the patch set, Rebuilded 1MB bank for Mega-Em 3.06b [1/4]
pplt_150.a01 1366KPro Patches Lite v1.50 [2/4]
pplt_150.a02 1366KPro Patches Lite v1.50 [3/4]
pplt_150.a03 933KPro Patches Lite v1.50 [4/4] 117KManley's Gravis Ultrasound drivers v0.7a 729KPublic Beta release of the Windows 95 UltraSound Classic/MAX/ACE drivers v1.2. Includes native DirectSound support for the UltraSound MAX 221KUltraSound Plug & Play Windows NT driver public beta 1

Total 20172 KBytes in 30 files
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