Music.General Information

- Information about sound cards and music software

adlib.lzh 1KList of Games with AdLib support
adlspecs.arj 3KAdLib specifications and technical summery
adlvctip.arj 17KTips on using AdLib's Visual Composer
agvssb.arj 1KAdLib Gold PC 1000 vs. Sound Blaster Professional
aria.arj 0KList of manufacturers supllying products based on Aria chip set
ariasupp.arj 10KThe Aria Support List v2.02
aria_faq.arj 10KThe Aria FAQ v1.11
audiotrx.arj 2KSpecifications of MediaTrix AudioTrix Pro sound card
awe32faq.arj 16KSoundBlaster AWE32 FAQ
aztecq&a.arj 3KCommon Questions and Answers for Aztec sound cards
bibliogr.arj 25KList of bibliography on synthesizers, midi, digital signal processing, computer and electronic music, etc.
card-rev.arj 16KA compilation of several posts on the UltraSound mailing list reviewing the card
cardcomp.arj 1KSound cards comparison chart
cl-press.arj 9KCreative Lab's new product press releases
cm-64.arj 0KReview of Roland's CM-64 LA/PCM
covoxpr.arj 0KCovox audio products (hardware and software)
csipsfaq.arj 41KThe comprehensive FAQ v1.1b
cyberaud.arj 0KThe Cyber Audio Card overview
elcmusic.arj 55KElectronic and Computer Music FAQ v5.4
ensoniq.arj 5KEnsoniq soundcards FAQ v1.1
gmm_faq.arj 15KGUS MIDI Music FAQ
gusace.arj 2KIntroduction of UltraSound ACE sound card
guspatch.arj 4KHow to improve GUS patches
gussbfaq.arj 3KSB/GUS coexistence FAQ
gus_faq.arj 30KGravis UltraSound FAQ v1.56 (4-May-94)
gus_max.arj 2KDifferences between GUS and GUS-MAX
jazz16.arj 11KMV3D/Jazz-16 FAQ v0.60
kalix.arj 4KInfo about Kalix SoundTrax soundcard
lgup.arj 11KThe Layman's Guide to adding new UltraSound Patches
maui.arj 6KReview of Turtle Beach Maui soundcard
mixer.arj 1KHow to build simple Op-Amp mixing circuit
mixer1.arj 0KHow to build a cheap passive resistor mixer
modplay.arj 7KComparison of IBM MOD players (27-May-94)
mpc700.arj 4KData on the Cardinal Digital Sound Pro 16 [Plus] sound card (AKA MPC700 and MPC700+)
mt32pat.arj 1KMT-32 patch map for GUS
nxpro16.arj 1KFeatures of the Sound Galaxy NX Pro 16 card
opl4.arj 0KShort description of Yamaha's OPL-4 chip
orchid.arj 0KSpecifications of Orchid GameWave 32 and Orchid SoundWave 32
os2pas.arj 5KSetting up the Pro Audio Spectrum 16 for use with OS/2
pas16con.arj 5KText about Media Vision's PAS 16 shareware contest
pasprogs.arj 4KList of drivers and programs for the Pro Audio Spectrum family of audio cards v3.2 (9-Mar-93)
paswmidi.arj 4KInfo on different Windows MIDI drivers for Pro Audio Spectrum family sound cards
portable.arj 5KDigispeech Port*able Sound Plus review
posonic.arj 115KS3 Sonic/AD Audio DAC overview
prosound.arj 2KTecmar's ProSound card features
sb16asp.arj 0KInfo on Sound Blaster 16 ASPs signal processor
sb16scsi.arj 2KSound Blaster 16 MultiCD and Sound Blaster 16 SCSI-2 specifications
sbp2.arj 0KInfo on SB Pro II's OPL-3 Chip
sbpasgus.arj 1KSoundBlaster 16 ASP, Pro Audio Spectrum 16 and Gravis Ultrasound comparisation
sbport.arj 6KSoundBlaster wiring diagram
sbsetup.arj 0KSound Blaster technical data
scards.arj 2KMore info on different sound cards
sc_faq.arj 6KFAQ about PC sound cards
sndcard.arj 5KList of Sound Cards/Devices for PC computers
sndcards.arj 1KInformation about music cards
spkr2sba.arj 1KSpeaker to SB amp converter
summary.arj 11KSoundcards summary. June 1993
tap-10.arj 0KTAP-10: The Audio Producer specifications
tess.arj 0KTeSS sound board features
ultrasou.arj 3KGravis Ultrasound - the BEST sound card forever!
wavetabl.arj 2KExplanation of Gravis UltraSound's wavetable synthesis

- How to build Covox Speech Thing or D/A converter

covox.lzh 2KHow to build Covox Speech Thing
dacs.arj 13KMore DAC schematics
sd0809pc.arj 40KHow to make Covox (DAC) and ADC

- Information about MIDI

canvas.arj 0KLittle Text About the Roland Sound Canvas
k1mult.arj 1KHints for using multimode of the Kawai K1
lapc1-sb.arj 9KSome experiences about simultaneous usage of Roland and Sound Blaster
macmidi.arj 8KText about MAC MIDI Interface
midi.arj 1KSome technical notes about MIDI
midi0591.arj 7KList Of MIDI-BBSES World Wide may '91
midibbs.arj 4KSound & MIDI oriented BBSes in USA
midibox.arj 3KChest: Build your own SoundBlaster MIDI box
midiface.arj 1KModifying your UART card for MIDI interface
midiinte.arj 7KMidi files/software archives on the Internet
midilink.arj 1KInformation about MIDILINK!
midiplan.arj 1KPlans to build a MIDI port
midistuf.arj 29KMIDI dump program
midi_dic.arj 11KMidi-dictionary
mt32intr.arj 4KInternal operation of MT-32
pcmidi.arj 35KDo-it-yourself MIDI-interface for your PC-compatible. Includes diagrams-GIFs
primer.arj 10KA MIDI Tutorial
proteus.arj 5KA list of Proteus controls, menu functions and basic specifications
sb-midi.arj 2KHow to build SB-MIDI box
scc-1.arj 1KSome information about the Roland SCC-1 synthesizer
synths.arj 52KDescriptions of Akai 9000,X7000, Emu Emax, Casio CZ-series, Ensoniq ESQ-1,Mirage, Korg DS-8,DSS-1,DW-8000,SG-1D, Kawai K3, Kurzweil K1000, Oberheim Matrix-6, Roland D-50,MKS-20,MT-32,Piano Plus 100/300/400,RD-200/300/1000,S-10,S-50, Yamaha CLP-300,DX-7,DX7II,DX7IID,DX7IIFD,

- Sound Blaster Digest

sbd0001.arj 9KSound Blaster Digest #1. September 1990.
sbd0002.arj 25KSound Blaster Digest #2. January 1991.
sbd0003.arj 10KSound Blaster Digest #3. February 1991.
sbd0004.arj 9KSound Blaster Digest #4. March 1991.
sbd0005.arj 17KSound Blaster Digest #5. April 1991.
sbd0006.arj 9KSound Blaster Digest #6. May 1991.
sbd0007.arj 12KSound Blaster Digest #7. June 1991.
sbd0011.arj 17KSound Blaster Digest #11. October 1991.
sbd0012.arj 56KSound Blaster Digest #12, November 1991
sbd0013.arj 27KSound Blaster Digest #13, December 1991
sbd0014.arj 22KSound Blaster Digest #14, Janary 1992
sbd0017.arj 25KSound Blaster Digest #17, April 1992
mmsbd021.arj 151KWAFFER! Multimedia Digest #21 - Replaces the SBD
wmd0022w.exe 146KThe Waffer! Multimedia Digest - March/April '93 Edition - Req: Windows 3.1
wmd0024.arj 68KThe Waffer! Multimedia Digest Issue #24 - September/October '93 Edition

- Creative Sound Monthly

csm-001.arj 184KCreative Sound Monthly, Edition 001. Aussie SB/SB PRO Magazine!
csm-002.arj 111KCreative Sound Monthly, Edition #2 - Magazine for SB & SB PRO users - lots of good info
csm-003.arj 116KCreative Sound Monthly, Edition #3
csm-004.arj 48KCreative Sound Monthly, SB Enthusist's magazine, July / August Issue
csm-005.arj 39KCreative Sound Monthly, SB User's magazine, edition 5

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