Music.Sound Blaster Utilities

awe32sbk.arj 73KSOUNDFONT Bank maker v1.0 for AWE32
awecp95.exe 167KAWE Control Panel for Windows 95 - Supports SoundFont 2.0 format - Supports for MPU-401 emulation (enable/disable)
cdinstab.arj 11KPanasonic CD-ROM updated drivers drivers
cdvol1.arj 4KSB Pro/CD-ROM volume control
clios2cd.arj 8KOS/2 Driver for the SoundBlaster Pro Panasonic CD drive
gbc-cms.arj 3KGame Blaster CMS memory-resident driver
lights10.arj 9KLightshow 1.0 (Requires MIC)
promix2.arj 26KSB Pro mixer by Sonix
sb-adl.arj 7KDetects your SB base address
sb16d-1.arj 1286KSound Blaster 16 ASP Device Drivers Disk [1/4]
sb16d-2.arj 1101KSound Blaster 16 ASP Device Drivers Disk [2/4]
sb16d-3.arj 1093KSound Blaster 16 ASP Device Drivers Disk [3/4]
sb16d-4.arj 657KSound Blaster 16 ASP Device Drivers Disk [4/4]
sb16drv.arj 35KSB 16 ASP Windows Drivers for Voyetra-MIDI
sb16w31.arj 65KDOS & Windows Drivers for SB16 & ASP.
sb16_upd.arj 893KSound Blaster 16 Software Update Disk Revision 2a
sb20_upd.arj 593KSound Blaster 2.0 Software Update Disk Revision 2a
sbawe_up.arj 663KSound Blaster AWE 32 Software Update Disk Revision 2a
sbbell40.arj 16KSB Bell 4.0. Redirect speaker beep to Sound Blaster
sbc-cms.arj 3KSound Blaster CMS memory-resident driver
sbcd_dos.arj 7KVersion 4.11 Creative CD-ROM 5XX Drivers (PH)
sbfm122.arj 67KSound Blaster FM driver 1.22
sbirqtst.arj 16KSound Blaster IRQ Test
sblab10.arj 37KSound Blaster Blabber. Reads text files.
sbmpu401.arj 9KFix for MPU-401 support on the SB16 for certain games and MIDI sequencing packages
sbp-mix.arj 19KSound Blaster Professional Mixer Control 1.00
sbp-pcd.arj 5KPHOTO-XA-KODAK driver for SBPRO/CD drive
sbp-set.arj 7KSound Blaster Professional Control 1.02
sbpcd110.arj 5KSound Blaster Pro CD-ROM driver for DOS.
sbpcddrv.arj 10KSB Pro CD-ROM drivers version 1.12
sbpcdxa.arj 7KDOS Driver for Sound Blaster Pro Panasonic CD Drive. With Kodak PhotoCD capability.
sbpcd_v2.arj 5KSB 16 ASP CD-ROM Driver for DOS (Rel 2)
sbpro_up.arj 631KSound Blaster Pro Software Update Disk Revision 2a
sbtest.arj 30KSound Blaster Test from Creative Labs
sbtim129.arj 32KSound Blaster tells you the time
sbvol.arj 29KSound Blaster Pro volume control v1.0
scopevga.arj 6KVGA-Scope for Sound Blaster
stereovu.arj 12KStereo VU-Measurement for SB Pro
test-sbp.arj 35KSound Blaster Professional Test prog
vumittar.arj 23KVU-meter for sound blaster.

Total 7724 KBytes in 40 files
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