Mailer Software

- FrontDoor

fd202.arj 564KFrontDoor v2.02
fd212.arj 619KFrontDoor v2.12 shareware
fdapx112.exe 1197KFrontDoor APX v1.12

fdapxw.faq 41KFrontDoor APX/w - Frequently Asked Questions
alert114.arj 10KAlerts you and writes message (nice if your modem can receive fax)
ar2fd100.arj 4KAreas.Bbs to Folder.Fd converter
dnldmntr.arj 16KDownload monitor v2.01á for FD, Max & Dsz
fdb120.arj 42KFrontDoor browsing tool
fddev202.arj 37KFrontDoor Developer's Kit 2.02
fddev220.arj 61KFrontDoor Developer's Kit 2.20
fdfaq004.arj 7KFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about FrontDoor
fdnd110.arj 29KFrontDoor NodeDiff Processor v1.10
fdsb_100.arj 16KFDSBatch v1.0
fdtshelp.arj 0KFrontDoor HelpSites list
female14.arj 8KFrontDoor format log entry generator
frr14.arj 19KFile Request Recover v1.4
fusl_140.arj 69KFrontdoors Ultimate Scan Lister v1.20
ishere.arj 18KIsHere v1.21 - Received file manager for FD 6KChange first & max zmodem block size for FrontDoor 2.02, 2.10, 2.20, 2.20a
mymail.arj 13KMyMail v2.30 Scan FD folders for mail (FD 2.x)
telix2fd.arj 7KTelix 3.xx to FD 2.xx phonebook converter
to-exp.lzh 1KFrontDoor timeout expander
trunclog.arj 6KFrontDoor LOG-file truncator
usage120.arj 19KMail/User graph for FD/Binkley v1.20

- T-Mail

mlog161e.arj 114KMultiLog v1.61] - Multifunctional analyzer LOG-files of FTN-mailers (version for T-Mail 24xx-25xx+)
t-mail.rar 714KT-Mail v.2600 for DOS
t-icons.rar 7KIcon for T-Mail/DOS
t-mailn.rar 205KT-Mail v.2600 for Windows NT
t2601d.rar 221KT-Mail/DOS bugfix v.2601
t2601n.rar 203KT-Mail/WinNT bugfix v.2601 31KT-Mail Log Analyzer & Statistics Generator 1.00.007 beta

- BinkleyTerm

bseval09.lzh 55KBINKSHIM v0.90 EVAL - SHIM program that allows BINKLEY for Windows-NT/95 to pass an open commport connection to Wildcat 5. 422KBinkleyTerm v2.50 sources 491KBinkleyTerm v2.60 sources
bt95259c.lzh 196KBinkleyTerm v2.59c for Windows NT

- D'Bridge

dbl130b.arj 61KCommand line D'Bridge (small!)

- BGFax

bgfax150.arj 229KBgFax v1.50 235KBgFax v1.55
fax155e.arj 144KBgFax v1.55 -> v1.55e upgrade 260KBGFAX 1.60 [22-Jun-96] - For DOS and OS/2. Send faxes from the command line and get results via errorlevel. Detailed logging! Receive faxes with your BBS FidoNet mailer! Works with most modems!
bgf32a01.arj 64KBgFax32 Alpha 1 for Win 95/NT
bgf32a03.arj 67KBgFax32 Alpha 3 for Win 95/NT
fax160z5.arj 292KBgFax v1.60 rev 25 397KBGFAX 1.70 [01-Mar-97] - DOS, OS/2, Win32 Send faxes from the command line and get results via errorlevel. Receive faxes with your BBS software or FidoNet mailer
fax170g.arj 278KBGFax 1.70g 282KBGFax 1.70h

- Message processing

afixuse.arj 3KHow to use AreaFix
af_120.arj 47KAreaFix v1.20
autoecho.arj 15KAutoEcho v1.02
cvtmsg.arj 6KConverts Fido/Opus/SEAdog messages to Hudson message base
fido_h.arj 1KMSG and PKT structs with QM extensions
mailkill.arj 1KSources of Mail killer (PAS)
mailsort.arj 8KMailSort v0.90.2 - Move netmail to user directory and back
msgview.arj 9KFIDO message viewer v1.02 by Mast
msgview1.arj 59KMessage Viewer v0.93á by Cereus Software
pktdump.arj 7KFido PKT debugger/checker
pktview.arj 18KPKT viewer 262KPacketSorter v1.4 - FidoNet packet processor, speed up tossing on SQUISH and JAM
replylnk.lzh 36KReplyLnk v1.0 with sources
uu-mhs.arj 35KUUCP <-> MHS gateway
xr240.lzh 22KXRobot v2.40
xr301dos.arj 29KXRobot v3.01 - The FrontDoor Mail Robot

- Nodelist utilities

editnl40.arj 18KEditNL v4.00 - Nodelist edit program 124KFastV7 v2.01a - Version7 Nodelist Compiler, Updater, Browser & Manager
mnl100.arj 5KMicro Nodelist (strips unwanted nets...)
nlstat13.lzh 31KNodelist Statistics v1.30
plst_130.arj 37KParselist v1.30
purgenl.arj 5KPurge Nodelist v1.3 87KQNode v2.07 - version 6 & 7 nodelist compiler
xlatv286.arj 53KXlatlist v2.86
xlax256a.lzh 148KXlaxNode v2.56a

- Fossil Drivers 25KADF v1.20 32KADF v1.43 serial port FOSSIL driver ADF is a serial port FOSSIL driver for high speed modem users. Supports FIFO UARTs 16550, 16650 and 16750, 115200 bps, any port, any IRQ, any FIFO trigger level, FOSSIL rev level 5 and multitasking en 72KBNU v1.70
bnu202.arj 67KBNU Rev 5 FOSSIL compatible communications driver. release 2.02
bnufaq.txt 14KBNU FAQ
mx5gvv.arj 2KVadim Gerasimov patch for MX5
mx5_130.arj 12KMX5 v1.30 - Fossil with MNP 5 emulator 23KNetcom+ v1.1 - netbios LAN FOSSIL redirector. Permits users of Netbios-based lans to share modem installed on one workstation over the net. 26KRLFOSSIL is an implementation of multi-line serial port driver corresponding to Fido/Opus/Seadog level 5 specification and simple HAYES-compatible modem emulator in one. 42KNTFOSS v1.0â7 - FOSSIL driver for Windows NT. NTFOSS runs with DOS-Programs in a DOS-Box.
vibm_110.arj 3KVideo extensions to OCOM 48KWinfossil v1.09 - 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows 95 52KWinfossil v1.10 - 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows 95 53KWinfossil v1.11 - 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows 95 56KWinFOSSIL v1.12 - 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows 95. Dramatically improves transfer speeds FOSSIL-aware software written running under Windows 95. Includes support for FOSSIL-aware 32-bit applications such as Binkleyterm-32 75KWinFOSSIL for Windows NT v1.00 BETA 3 - BETA version of 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows NT 4.0. Dramatically improves transfer speeds for FOSSIL-aware software running under Windows NT. Now includes VMODEM support.
x00-202.arj 170KX00 v2.02 Rev. 8.0 102KX00 v1.50

Total 9765 KBytes in 89 files
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