Cheats and Hints for Games 122KAlone in the Dark 3 doc
accview.arj 8KViewer for Access Software files
acesolve.arj 0KSpace Ace solution
all_epic.arj 29KEpic documentation
alonesol.arj 2KAlone in the Darkness solution
alwalk.arj 4KAlone in the Dark walkthrough
amazon.arj 10KAmazon: Guardians of Eden solution
bgroydox.arj 4KBackgammon Royal docs 91KCommand & Conquer editor v1.5 263KCommand & Conquer map editor 61KCommand & Conquer interactive trainer
cerb-fix.arj 9KFix for Elvira II
cheats.arj 105KPC games cheats and info list
cived.arj 63KCivilization Savegame Editor v1.3
cntwdwn.arj 5KCountDown solution
comcheat.arj 3KCommanche Maximum Overkill cheater
corpdocs.arj 12KCorporation docs 7KCyberia walktrough
ddtrn0.arj 7KTrainer for Dylan Dog
descii.arj 1KDescent II cheat codes
diehard2.arj 2KDiehard II documentation 36KXCOM: Terror From the Deep savegame editor ver 95c
dnet0inc.arj 9KDune Trainer
dottsolv.arj 5KDay of the Tentacle solution 5KDay of Tentacle solution
drkseeds.arj 2KDark Seed solution
dsfix.arj 0KDarkSeed fix
dune.arj 4KDune documentation
e3edit.arj 11KEye of Beholder III save game editor
elviradx.arj 4KElvira Personal Nightmare solution
elv_dox.arj 9KFull docs for all ELVIRAs (1,2,3)
eob2edit.arj 14KEye of the Beholder II character editor
eobwalk.arj 7KEye of the Beholder III walkthru
epictrn.arj 2KEpic 101% trainer
f29doc.arj 8KF-29 Retaliator keys, hints, mission descriptions and sector config
fascsol.arj 2KFascination solution
fphint.arj 5KFreddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist hints
freedc.arj 8KFree DC docs 5KFull Throttle Solution
futuwars.arj 1KFuture Wars solution 4KFX Fighter FAQ 1.0
galact-t.arj 3KTrainer for Galactix
gatehint.arj 9KFederik Pohl's Gateway solution
getmod.arj 8KExtract MODs from Star Control II
gob3cht.arj 1KGoblins 3 cheater
gobl-sol.arj 6KGoblins ][ solution
goblins.arj 3KGoblins 1 solution 6KGoblins II Solve
gods-dox.arj 6KGods Docs
godstrn0.arj 3KGods trainer
guntast.arj 0KDocs For Gunship, keyboard map
hof_sol.arj 8KLegend of Kyrandia 2: Hand of Fate solution
holm_sol.arj 6KThe Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes solution
ip74.arj 12KImmortal Player v1.74 - Cheater for 74 games 21KJagged Alliance moneymaker & uniteditor 24KJagged Alliance strategy guide
keenfaq.arj 4KCommander Keen Frequently Asked Questions
kmig_trn.arj 2KTrainer for 1000 Miglia
kroncht1.arj 13KBetrayal At Krondor Cheat
kronedit.arj 13KBetrayal At Krondor Editor
kuwa_trn.arj 1KTrainer for Kuwait Assault 10KKyrandia 3 - Solve
kyr_crk.arj 2KThe Legend of the Kyrandia fixes
kyr_solv.arj 5KThe Legend of the Kyrandia solution
leathhnt.arj 2KSolution to Infocom's Leather Godesses of Phobos
leg_edit.arj 6KLegend - character editor
lem2_trn.arj 1KLemmings II: The Tribes cheater
lemfaq.arj 8KLemmings for the IBM PC Frequently Asked Questions
lemmings.arj 0KOh No! More Lemmings level passwords
lemmitrn.arj 2KOh No! More Lemmings Trainer v1.0
linkscvx.arj 1KCovox driver musics for Links Golf
lvtrnr.arj 50KThe Lost Vikings Trainer
magictrn.arj 1KMagic Pockets Trainer
mapper.lzh 26KEye of the Beholder maps
mech.arj 2KMech Warrior solution
met_mut.arj 0KMetal Mutants hints and passwords
mk3faq.arj 5KMortal Kombat III FAQ
mkkeys.arj 1KMost of the keycombs for Mortal Kombat
mwii_trn.arj 1KTrainer for Midwinter II
n4s-code.arj 0KNeed for Speed cheatcodes
obimaps.arj 46KThe maps of "Obitus"
ootw.arj 6KOut of This World solution
ootwsol.arj 6KOut of This World solution
opsteal.arj 3KOperation Stealth solution
patches.arj 3KPatches for 18 games
pipelev.arj 0KLevel passwords for PipeDream
plan-dox.arj 21KPlanet's Edge docs
pop_man.lzh 26KPopulous manual
pp2-edit.arj 7KPrince of Persia II save game editor
pp2midi.arj 5KPrince of Persia II MIDI file extractor
pp2t-tdt.arj 2KPrince of Persia II trainer
ppipe.arj 2KPipeDream speed switch
pq5.arj 6KPQ S.W.A.T. hints
release.arj 4KRelease list of games
rexneb.arj 4KRex Nebulus solution
robin.arj 2KRobin Hood's solution 2KCheat codes for Rise Of The Triad
rules.arj 13KRed Alerd unit editor 1KCheats for "Rise of the Triad"
s&msolve.arj 13KSam and Max Hit the Road solution
sc2notes.arj 6KStar Control II tips
sc2sol.arj 9KStar Control II solution
sciiedit.arj 10KStar Control II edit for melee 60KSimCity2000 Docs
simftunp.arj 0KSimcity Future unprotector 12KSimon the sorcerer II solve
simoney.lzh 3KMakes $999,999 in SimCity's save game 7KSimon the Sorcerer solution
sky_walk.arj 5KBeneath a Steel Sky solution
sldaxtrn.arj 1KSlordax shoot game trainer
smas_trn.arj 1KTrainer for Storm Master
st25sol.arj 7KStar Trek 25th Anniversary solution
syndocs.arj 11KSyndicate'i mangimise opetus
t7g_faq.arj 7KThe 7th Guest FAQ
td3maps.arj 0KTest Drive III maps
tdrv3doc.lzh 19KTest Drive III docs
term-2.arj 0KTerminator 2 Fix
termtrn1.arj 5KThe Terminator Docs
terredit.arj 24KTerrain editor for Stunts 27KTIE Fighter MIDI extractor
tsftrn1.arj 8KTrainer for Treasures of the Savage Frontier 7KUltima IX FAQ 1.0 4KHints for UFO : Enemy Unknown
ufomoney.arj 6KUFO: Enemy Unkown Moneymaker
uukrul.arj 1KSpells and invokes for Uukrul
veil.arj 4KVeil of Darkness solution
wargold.arj 7KWarcraft cheater
wl2qdox.arj 3KWarlords II docs 3KWarlord 2 Docs 1KWrestle Mania keys
yeag_dox.arj 4KChuck Yeager's Air Combat docs
z66cheat.arj 4KCheat for Zone 66
zorkhint.arj 15KSolutions to Infocom's Zorks I - III

- ID games 138KQuake addon: Grenade, pipebomb & proximity bomb weapons
console.arj 2KList of Quake Console Commands 18KDoom II level secrets
dmaud10.arj 32KDOOM Audio Editor v1.0
dmfaq56.arj 80KDOOM FAQ v5.6
doomedit.arj 18KDOOM 1, 2 & 2d savegame editor
kysentry.arj 280KEntryway level of Doom2 recreated for Quake
doomsp12.arj 22KDOOM specifications v1.2
doomwad.arj 15KDOOM .WAD file specifications
hellkeep.arj 336KHell's Keep level of Doom2 recreated for Quake
rdoom155.arj 77KRanDOOM v1.55 - DOOM ramdomizer 160KQuake addon: Throwing axe weapon
wolf3dtr.arj 4KWolfenstein 3-D trainer
wolfed21.arj 26KWolfEdit v2.1 - Wolfenstein 3-D graphics editor
wolfview.arj 11KWolfenstein 3-D bitmap viewer

- Lucasfilm games

fatesolv.arj 7KIndiana Jones and Fate of Atlantis complete solution
indy3.arj 4KIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade solution
loom.arj 2KHints about Loom
loomcov.arj 3KLoom and Monkey Island (EGA) covox driver
loomsol.arj 1KLoom solution
mi2sol.arj 18KMonkey Island 2 solution
monkey.arj 7KThe Secret of Monkey Island solution
swotlkey.arj 1KSecret Weapons of the Luftwaffe keys
willy.arj 4KThe Adventures of Willy Beamish solution
xcheat2.arj 9KCheat for X-Wing
xwinghac.arj 6KFix for X-Wing
xwingkey.arj 1KKeys for X-Wing
xwtrain.arj 9KTrainer for X-Wing
zakmck.arj 4KZak McKracken and the Alien Mindbender solution

- Origin games 103KTie Fighter install-bug remover
gb018.arj 37KGameBender for Ultima VIII - turn on secret cheat commands
killem.arj 1KKill 'em All mission for X-Wing
patchu7.arj 7KPatch for Ultima VII to prevent keys for disapearing from your inventory
privdocs.arj 1KPrivateer keyboard map
privtrn.arj 4KMoneymaker for Privateer
runesnsn.arj 1KUltima Underworld docs
sc-edit.arj 11KStrike Commander save game editor
sc-trn.arj 5KStrike Commander trainer
sccrack.arj 70KStrike Commander crack
scedit.arj 13KStrike Commander save game editor
sckeys.arj 1KStrike Commander keys
scomdox.arj 0KStrike Commander doc
scpatch.arj 63KStrike Commander patch file 2KTie Fighter character 5KTie Fighter trainer 2KTie Fighter crack 1KTie fighter doc
ult6docs.arj 38KUltima VI docs
ult7sol.arj 21KUltima VII solution
uusatrn.arj 2KTrainer for Ultima Underworld
uw2edit.arj 16KCharacter editor for the Ultima Underworld II
uwqckdox.arj 3KQuick docs for Ultima Underworld
uwspells.arj 1KSpells for Ultima Underworld
voktrn0.arj 6KWing Commander II Interactive Trainer
wc2rev.arj 4KSome words about Wing Commander II
wc2undoc.arj 1KWing Commander II undocumented keys
wcamis.arj 5KAdditional missions for Wing Commander Academy
xwingdoc.arj 1KX-Wing keyboard map

- Sierra games

4-voice.arj 4KDigitized music driver for Sierra games using PC Speaker
agisg100.arj 1KInfo about Sierra saved games (with AGI)
brainsbp.arj 6KSoundBlaster PRO driver for Castle of the Dr.Brain
brainslv.arj 5KCastle of Dr.Brain solution
cauldron.arj 6KBlack Cauldron solution
cbsolve.arj 6KColonel's Bequest hints & tips
colhelp.arj 3KColonel's Bequest solution
conquest.arj 6KConquests of Camelot solution
convert.arj 3KConvert sound and music from AdLib to PC speaker for Sierra online games
csr.lzh 11KCompress Sierra resource files
dcres.lzh 19KDecompress Sierra resource files
eco1solv.arj 7KEcoQuest I solution
eq2solve.arj 11KEcoQuest II solution
grsolve.arj 3KGold Rush solution
hammer.arj 13KSierra Adventure game broker
herodox.arj 7KHero's Quest II documentation
hq1guide.arj 2KHero's Quest I solution
hq2map.arj 9KHero's Quest II map
hq2sol.arj 5KHero's Quest II solution
hqst-dox.arj 14KHero's Quest I documentation
icesolve.arj 14KCodename: Iceman solution
kq1sol.arj 4KKing's Quest I solution
kq2sol.arj 2KKing's Quest II solution
kq3doc.arj 12KKing's Quest III solution
kq3magic.arj 3KKing's Quest III magic formulas
kq4sol.arj 6KKing's Quest IV solution
kq5fix.arj 4KKing's Quest V fix
kq5sol.arj 6KKing's Quest V solution
kq6crack.arj 6KKing's Quest VI fix
kq6solv.arj 9KKing's Quest VI solution
larry3.arj 19KLeisure Suit Larry III hints
lb-fix.arj 5KConquest of Longbow fix
lb2solve.arj 8KLoura Bow II solutions
lll3dic.arj 17KLeisure Suite Larry ]I[ dictionary and text broker
longbow.arj 7KConquest of Longbow hints
lsl1sol.arj 9KLeisure Suit Larry I solution
lsl2sol.arj 2KLeisure Suit Larry II solution
lsl3sol.arj 10KLeisure Suit Larry III solution
lsl5code.lzh 1KLeisure Suit Larry V codes
lsl5hint.arj 7KLeisure Suit Larry V hints 5KLeisure Suit Larry VI hints
manhunt.arj 0KMan Hunter map
manhunt.lzh 13KMan Hunter hints
manhunt2.arj 7KManhunter II solution
newtech.arj 2KNew technologie in Sierra VGA256 games
pq2book.arj 5KPolice Quest II manual
pq2sol.arj 6KPolice Quest II solution
pq3-dox.arj 25KPolice Quest III docs
pq3codes.lzh 0KPolice Quest ]I[: Locker combo/arrest codes
pq4_sol.arj 6KPolice Quest 4: Open Season hints 15KQuest for Qlory IV solution
quest.lzh 1KSierra Adventure game text broker v1.0
realsnd.arj 3KRealSound driver for Sierra On-Line games
sciv.arj 1KSierra adventure game internal debugger manual
siermt32.arj 13KMT-32 driver for SB/SBPro for Sierra games
sierrdec.arj 37KGraphics viewer for SQ4 & KQ5
siersb16.arj 5KSB 16 driver fix for Sierra games
sier_vga.arj 14KCovox/Speaker driver for new Sierra games
sq1.arj 0KSpace Quest I: The Sarien Encounter solution
sq1trs.arj 0KSpace Quest I solution
sq2sol.arj 6KSpace Quest II solution
sq3sol.arj 4KSpace Quest III solution
sq4sol.arj 3KSpace Quest IV solution
sq5coord.arj 0KSpace Quest V coordinates
sq5solve.arj 6KSpace Quest V solution
sqcodinc.arj 2KCodes for Space Quest I VGA
sqivhint.arj 6KSpace Quest IV hints
srmap.arj 8KResource Map Management Utility v5.01
words.lzh 10KExtract words from WORDS.TOK

- Cracker

cracker.arj 8KCracker v1.1
cracks.arj 19KAll .CRK files archived with ARJ (80 ones)

- Cracks for Cracker v1.1

alien.crk 0KAlien Syndrome Unlimited lives Stop timer
arkan1.crk 4KArkanoid I Unlimited Lifes
arkanoid.crk 0KArkanoid II: Revenge of DoH Unlimited lives
asterix.crk 0KAsterix Remove passcode
badst.crk 0KBad Street Brawler Invulnerability
barbaria.crk 0KBarbarian Unlimited lives
blockout.crk 0KBlock Out Remove doc check
bluemax.crk 0KBlue Max Invulnerability
bubble.crk 0KBubble Bobble Unlimited lives
caveman.crk 0KCaveman Ugh-lympics Remove passcodes
centurio.crk 0KCenturion: Defender of Rome Remove passcodes
curse.crk 3KCurse of azure bonds Remove doc check. Use 'U' for answer
dawnraid.crk 0KDawn Raider Unlimited missiles
dawnride.crk 0KDawn Rider Unlimited machine gun Unlimited missiles Unlimited fire energy (when SPACE)
dtrack.crk 0KDeath Track Remove password
diehard.crk 0KDie Hard Remove security code Invulnerability
alone.crk 0KDon't Go Alone Remove codes
ddragon.crk 0KDouble Dragon Unlimited lives
dd2.crk 0KDouble Dragon ][ 255 credits besides of 2 Fast kill enemies. Useful!
dr_lance.crk 0KDragon Lance (The Death Knights of Krynn) Word from journal just is <Enter> now
eob.crk 0KEye of the Beholder Super weapon Walk through walls
eob2.crk 0KEye of the Beholder II One hit and enemy will be dead Walk through walls
f19.crk 0KF-19 Stealth Fighter ver 435.01 Remove protection
f29.crk 0KF-29 Retaliator Remove disk installing Remove passwords checking
faces.crk 6KFaces Remove passwords
fireteam.crk 0KFireTeam 2200 by SymSystems Remove passwords
gauntlet.crk 0KGauntlet II Remove doc check
geisha.crk 0KGeisha Remove asking of joystick
court.crk 0KGreat Court Remove doc check
gwar.crk 0KGuerilla War Unlimited lives
gunship.crk 0KGunship Remove passcodes
imperium.crk 0KImperium by Electronic Arts Remove password checking
indy1.crk 0KIndiana Jones 1 Remove Password
kofs.crk 0KKnights of the Sky Unprotect
lhx.crk 0KLHX: Attack Chopper Remove Password Unlimited ammunition
schking.crk 0KLes Manley in Search for The King Remove passcodes
loom.crk 0KLoom Remove passcodes
box.crk 0KLow Blow Remove passwords
mw.crk 0KMech Warrior Remove doc check
hardnova.crk 0KMercenary Worlds of HARDNOVA Cancel stupid questions
mm2.crk 0KMight and Magic Book Two Remove passwords
oilimp.crk 0KOil Imperium (EGA ver) Remove passcodes
oliver.crk 0KOliver & Company Remove passcode
opcombat.crk 0KOperation Com-Bat Remove doc check
outrun.crk 0KOutrun Stop timer
pgagolf.crk 0KPga Tour Golf Remove doc check
poker.crk 0KPoker by Softstar Remove password Remove password after 3rd level Score will never go lower
popcorn.crk 0KPopCorn Unlimited lives
populous.crk 0KPopulous Remove doc check
pdrome.crk 0KPowerDrome Remove doc check
tycoon.crk 0KRailRoad Tycoon Remove doc check
rastan.crk 0KRastan by Taito Infinite lives
scontrol.crk 5KSTAR CONTROL by Accolade Hidden power to ALIANCE fleet Hidden power to HIERARHY fleet MEGA power to ALIANCE fleet MEGA power to HIERARHY fleet
sargon4.crk 0KSargon 4 Remove doc check
s_knight.crk 0KShadow Knights Unlimited energy, aid and fire
silent.crk 0KSilent Service II Remove doc check
skyshark.crk 0KSky Shark Unlimited lives Unlimited missiles
spaceace.crk 0KSpace Ace Infinite lives Remove man's face with count of lives
trek5.crk 0KStar Trek V: The Final Frontier Remove passcode
strmlord.crk 0KStormlord Unlimited lives Unlimited time Free only one farie per level
strike.crk 0KStrike Fleet Remove doc check at startup
stunts.crk 13KStunts Unlimited acceleration
su25.crk 0KSu-25 by Electronic Arts Remove passwords
term2.crk 0KTerminator II Incredible Life for HERO Incredible Life for JOHN Incredible Life for CARA
td2.crk 0KTest Drive II: The Duel Unlimited lives
td3.crk 0KTest Drive ]I[: The Passion Unlimited lives
comic.crk 0KThe Adventures of Capitan Comic Unlimited lives
kseni.crk 0KThe Adventures of Pioneer Kseni Unlimited lives
monkey.crk 0KThe Secret of Monkey Island Remove entry code
bob1940.crk 0KTheir Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain Remove passcode
firehawk.crk 0KThexder II: Firehawk Invulnerability
vixen.crk 0KVIXEN Unlimited lives
vette.crk 0KVette! Remove doc check
wghockey.crk 0KWayne Gretzky Hockey Remove passcodes
whertime.crk 0KWhere In Time Is Carmen SanDiego Remove protection
wc.crk 0KWing Commander Unlimited shields
wings.crk 0KWings of Fury Unlimited ammunition
x-men.crk 0KX-Men: Madness in Murderworld Invulnerability
xenon2.crk 0KXenon II Megablast All items in shop will be cost $1
zak.crk 0KZak McKracken And The Alien Mindbenders Remove Passcode in Airport

Total 4086 KBytes in 342 files
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