Hardware Docs

- Processors

286intel.arj 185KIntel 80286 programmer's reference manual
287intel.arj 118KIntel 80287 programmer's reference manual
386intel.arj 216KIntel 80386 programmer's reference manual
387intel.arj 123KIntel 80387 programmer's reference manual
486vs040.arj 5KIntel 80486 vs. Motorola MC68040
6x-dbch6.zip 345K6x86 Instruction Set Summary (PDF)
amdk6mmx.arj 835KAMD K6 MMX processor multimedia extensions (PDF)
amdk86.arj 1042KAMD K86 family BIOS and software tools developers guide (PDF)
chiplist.arj 35KPersonal Computer Chiplist v9.3
copro16a.zip 80KProvides detailed information about mathematical coprocessors for the Intel 80x86 CPU family.
cpucmp14.zip 12KDescriptions and benchmark comparison of the Intel 386DX, Intel RapidCAD, C&T 38600DX, and the Cyrix 486DLC
cpudiff.arj 2KFAQ: Difference between 386, 486, SX, DX
intdev1.arj 2325KIntel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 1: Basic Architecture (PDF)
ec_fault.arj 3KChest: External Cache faults on fast 386/486...
hc-mmx4.zip 41KMultimedia Instruction Set Extensions for sixth generation x86 Processor (PDF)
intdev2.arj 3304KIntel Architecture Software Developer's Manual, Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference Manual (PDF)
intelopt.arj 578KIntel architecture optimization manual for Pentium, Pentium Pro and Pentium II processors (PDF)
mpf-9610.zip 334KOverview of the Cyrix M2 (PDF)
pentium2.arj 1324KIntel Pentium II processor datasheet (PDF)
p6overv.arj 14KPentium Pro processor overview & FAQ
pentium.arj 20KInfo about Intel's Pentium-processor
soft_id.zip 17KCyrix M2 software identification (PDF)
tim486.zip 35KContains correct instruction timing values for i486 CPU

- Other chips

8042.arj 2K8042 description
8051faq.arj 23K8051 microcontroller FAQ
8211.arj 0K8211 (PC-style parallel port) pin layout
bustifix.arj 1KSet the bus on and bus off time of the AHA-1540/1540A/1542A/1540B/1542B/1640
eproms.arj 1KEPROM pin layouts and program voltages
isabus.arj 2KPicture of PC/AT extension card socket
neatchip.arj 11KC&T Newest chipset description
opti486s.arj 5KChest: OPTi-486SXWB Chipset Description
register.arj 1KC&T 386 register referense
relay.arj 1KClare UPRMA IA-05 relay switch pin layout
ttl2ti.arj 1KSU TTL <--> Texas Instruments TTL

- Harddisks and floppy drives

0948dr3.zip 141KAT Attachment Interface with Extensions (ATA-2/3) standard draft in Word 6 format
4disks.arj 2KConnecting 4 HD's to your PC
allatbus.arj 12KSpecs on Seagate's AT/IDE interface drive
allesdi.arj 13KSpecs on Seagate's ESDI drives
allmfm.arj 20KSpecs on Seagate's MFM drives
allrll.arj 11KSpecs on Seagate's RLL drives
allscsi.arj 33KSpecs on Seagate's SCSI drives
allswift.arj 19KSpecs on Seagate's/Swift drives
allwren.arj 23KSpecs on Seagate's/Wren drives
disktips.arj 1KInfo about differernces between HD & DD drives. Why DD drives always does not read DD floppys?
drivelst.arj 8KList of HD drives
drives.arj 6KSome info on HD's
drv_jump.arj 11KJumpers on a lot of drives
floppy5.arj 1KPinout of 5" floppy drive connector
hd0510r1.arj 15KAnother list of HD drives
hd0989r1.arj 14KHard Disk information (type list)
hd_ctrl.arj 40KHard drives and drive controllers reference listing v4.0
maxtor.arj 36KMaxtor HD descriptions
scsitut.arj 6KSCSI Disk Tutor
seagate.arj 0KSEAGATE HD numbers decodes
seahints.arj 11KHints & Tips For Installing Seagate Drives
theref42.arj 164KDrive and Controller Guide v4.20
ya-ata2.zip 27KYet Another Enhanced IDE/Fast-ATA/ATA-2 FAQ v1.1
zipdrive.zip 13KIomega ZIP drive FAQ

- Display adapters

poaurora.arj 151KS3 Aurora64V+ dual display accelerator overview
poscmx2.arj 142KS3 Scenic/MX2 MPEG decoder overview
pot64uvp.arj 133KS3 Trio64UV+ UMA-based multimedia accelerator overview
pot64vp.arj 59KS3 Trio64V+ multimedia accelerator overview
potrio64.arj 59KS3 Trio32 and Trio64 graphics accelerator overview
povirge.arj 188KS3 ViRGE 3D-Enabled multimedia accelerator overview
povis968.arj 152KS3 Vision868 & Vision968 graphics and video accelerator overview
povrgevx.arj 111KS3 ViRGE/VX 3D-Enabled multimedia accelerator overview
t8900c.arj 3KTrident 8900C hardware reference
t9000.arj 2KTrident 9000 Series hardware reference
vgafeat.arj 3KVGA technical features

- Serial communication

8250bugs.arj 1K8250,16550 and compatible UART's known bugs
mousedat.arj 1KMicrosoft & MSmouse serial data fromat
ns16550.arj 2KDetermine is the serial port is 16550A
serial.arj 5KPS/2 Serial Port description
serial_h.arj 22KTech help for Serial communications v1.1
uart.arj 3KInfo about UART chip 16550
uart_tut.arj 8KThe Serial Hardware Tutorial

- Modems and FAX machines

144accom.arj 87KAT Command Reference Manual for Rockwell Chipset RC(V)144ACi and RC(V)144ACL modem families
ccittv42.arj 10KCCITT V.42 overview (from Hayes)
class20.zip 8KFacsimile Service Class 2.0 Commands for ZyXEL modem
fax20cmd.arj 4KFax Class 2.0 commands
faxg3.arj 4KCCITT specification for Group Fax 3 encoding and transmission
fmc2cmds.arj 9KDe facto Class 2 Fax/Modem commands
fxatcmds.arj 18KFAXmodems command set
hayesmod.arj 36KInfo about modems from The Winn Rosch Hardware Bible
mdic200.zip 53KThe Modem Dictionary v2.00 - contains easy-to-understand definitions of over 730 words that come up when using modems and BBS's
mnp-v42.arj 4KV.42 / MNP briefly explained
mnp_man.arj 4KMNP5 Discovery Operation Manual Compatible with other MNP5 modems
modems31.arj 32KWhat You Need to Know about Modems. 10.94
modem_h.lzh 14KTech help about modem terms
newmanu.arj 14KZyXEL FaxModem AT commands and S-registers description
suprafax.arj 23KClass 1 & 2 fax commands for Supra faxmodems
telebit.arj 3KBuilt-in help for newest Telebit modem
v42bis.arj 14KCCITT V.42bis documentation
zyxfaq40.zip 53KZyXEL modems FAQ v4.0 (10-10-94)
t30-ps.zip 688KITU-T T.30 - procedures for document facsimile transmission
t4-ps.zip 196KITU-T T.4 - standard of group 3 facsimile apparatus for document transmission
v21.zip 27KITU-T V.21 - 300 bits per second duplex modem standard
v22.zip 200KITU-T V.22 - 1200 bits per second duplex modem standard
v22b.zip 273KITU-T V.22bis - 2400 bits per second duplex modem using the frequency division technique
v23.zip 33KITU-T V.23 - 600/1200-baud modem standard
v32-ps.zip 122KITU-T V.32 - a family of 2-wire, duplex modems operating at data signalling rates up to 9600 bits/s
v32b-win.zip 127KITU-T V.32bis - a duplex modem operating at data signalling rates of up to 14400 bit/s
v32terbo.zip 22KAT&T V.32 terbo - 19200 bit/s full duplex modem standard
v34-ps.zip 296KITU-T V.34 - a duplex modem operating at data signalling rates of up to 28800 bit/s
v42-ps.zip 262KITU-T V.42 - LAPM (MNP included) - error-correcting procedures for DCEs using asynchronous-to-synchronous conversion
v42b-win.zip 136KITU-T V.42bis - data compression procedures for DCE using error correction procedures
v8-ps.zip 52KITU-T V.8 - procedures for starting sessions of data transmission

- Printers

centport.arj 0KOfficial centronics port layout
fx1050sw.arj 0KEpson FX-1050 DIP switch settings
graphprn.arj 0KHow to print graphics on EPSON
ljet_ng.arj 3KNorton Guide about HP Laser Jet II Plus Printer Commands
lq1500sw.arj 0KChest: Epson LQ-1500 switches
pscr_ng.arj 11KNorton Guide about POSTSCRIPT Syntaxis
theprn14.zip 93KThe Printer v1.4 - Programmer's database of printer codes for HUNDREDS of printers!

- Cables & connectors

cables.arj 1KInfo on serial cables
feature.arj 0KVGA & EGA feature connector layout
hsp_cabl.arj 0KChest: LapLink high-speed parallel cables
laplink.arj 0KLAPLINK parallel cable layout
laplinkv.arj 1KLapLink-V and LapLink-Pro parallel cable layout
mac_pc-r.arj 0KMAC<->PC serial cable layout
ng_conn.arj 13KNorton Guide about device connectors
pccables.arj 4KQuick Guide to Computer Cables
rs&centr.arj 7KInfo about RS-232C & Centronics (Finnish)
rs232.arj 2KExtensive guide to serial cables

- Amiga

040-info.arj 8K68040 turbo board reviews
040news.arj 4K68040 CPU release announcement
24bit.arj 4K24-bit graphics controllers for AMIGA
500hacks.arj 17KGuide to repair & modify A500 & PC
a500_2mb.arj 9K1M CHIP and 512K Fast RAM on A500
addcard.arj 4KA500, A100 86pin to 100pin slot expansion
agadoc.arj 36KProgramming AGA hardware
fix.arj 15KAMIGA hardware problems and fixes
ham-e.arj 7KExtended HAM mode on AMIGA
hardcycl.arj 0KHardware bitcopy device for AMIGA
instrset.arj 15K68000 instruction set
macdrive.arj 7KConnect MAC floppy drive to AMIGA
megachip.arj 3K1M CHIP memory for A500 rev 6 motherboard
midi.arj 6KBetter MIDI box for AMIGA

- Miscellaneous

arcnet.arj 17KGordon Peterson blessings to ARCNET
card-con.arj 12KHow to connect a PC to a Videocrypt decoder and Videocrypt decoder emulator for DOS
cd.arj 9KCD-ROM technical summary
cdi_faq.arj 4KCD-i FAQ
code-80.arj 3KBIOS post codes (for MF testpoint)
dfont.arj 2KDouble Font 'standard'
diagtxt.arj 9KTesting your PC & diagnosing memory errors
digital.arj 2KCD digital output audio format
dma.arj 4KDescription of DMA
dolby.arj 4KHow Dolby Stereo (aka Dolby Surround) works
ibmerrs.arj 2KDiagnostics error codes for PC/XT/AT
maclan21.arj 2KConnecting Mac's to Lantastic
parall.arj 1KPS/2 Parallel Port description
paytvfaq.arj 8KPay TV decoding FAQ
pcports.arj 7KNorton Guide about PC I/O port usage
phonecrd.arj 10KPhone card FAQ
pt602.arj 1KPT602 I/O card hardware reference
pti217.arj 2KPTI217 I/O card hardware reference
resistor.arj 0KHow to decode stripes on resistors
scrl50.zip 613KSemiconductor Cross Reference Library v5.0
um82c863.arj 1KUMC UM82C863 I/O card hardware reference
videocry.arj 20KDescription of the Videocrypt pay-tv scrambling system

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