DESQview Utilities

apishare.arj 14KShare memory/data with another process (with C,PAS sources)
asciitbl.arj 6KAn ASCII table pop-up to use with DESQview. C source included
backdrop.arj 4KDESQview wall-paper. Display time, memory status. With ASM source
bbsdvnod.arj 2KDWSQview auto-startup scripts for multi-node PCBoard
calcdv.arj 26KDESQview calculator (with C source)
close_it.arj 2KIf you DV has crashed and some file are open, this program will close those files!
cmd.arj 21KCMD DESQview remote commander 1.0
cmonitor.arj 15KDESQview CarrierMonitor v1.3 with ASM sources
cntdwn.arj 2KAlarm in specified time for DESQview
comm3n4.arj 2KHow to use COM3 & COM4 under DESQview
cwshare.arj 21KClock-Watch v2.0 - Keep system clock in line with the real-time clock
desqcom.arj 7KSome DESQview technical notes
dgansi10.arj 33KDGansi for DESQview
dnansi2b.arj 2KdnANSI v2.0 beta - Faster DESQview ANSI driver
dvansi.arj 2KFaster DESQview ANSI driver
dvc18.arj 53KDESQview Commander v1.8
dvclock3.arj 9KClock for DESQview with C sources
dvcpy101.arj 63KDVCopy v1.01 - use floppies without slowing down DESQview
dvdevl11.arj 6KDVdevload v1.1 - Load device drivers in a DESQview window
dvlant.arj 2KHow to run DESQview 2.42 on Lantastic Server
dvnovell.arj 4KHints for using DESQview/QEMM with Novell
dvopt.arj 1KDESQview command line options (incl. v2.34)
dvpif10.arj 13KDESQview PIF editor with C source
dvrem17b.arj 6KDV remote control (over comm line)
dvtman11.arj 20KDESQview Task Manager v1.1
fmonitor.arj 14KFontMonitor v1.03 6KJustone v1.1 - prevents multiple instances of the same program from running
loadhi.arj 9KFix loahi.sys DESQview
msdos6qd.arj 7K[001 Technical info about Quarterdeck products and DOS 6
os2sp200.arj 1KImprove DesqView aware programs performance under OS/2
qosswit2.arj 6KCommand line switches for QEMM & DV
rbmgr101.arj 1KReBoot Manager v1.01
vfos_dv.arj 17KVfossil - DV
wddv115.arj 22KWatchdog v1.10 for DESQview

Total 432 KBytes in 34 files
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