Communication Software

- Terminal Emulators 554KTerminate v1.59á [1/4] 541KTerminate v1.59á [2/4] 269KTerminate v1.59á [3/4] 203KTerminate v1.59á [4/4] 1394KTerminate 4 - The Final Datacomms Terminal! Extremely Powerful Terminal Program with many features: Fax, VT52, VT100, VT220, ANSI, Avatar, etc.
il.lzh 20KInvisible Link v1.0
qterm.arj 9KQuick Terminal v2.2 165KTelix v3.22 (31-Jan-94) 60KTelix v3.22 Modem Config + Scrtpt Compiler 195KTelix v3.22 Host + BBS 174KTelix v3.22 Docs
telix_ng.arj 121KNorton Guide for Telix 193KTeleMate v4.11 [1/4] 195KTeleMate v4.11 [2/4] 179KTeleMate v4.11 [3/4] 243KTeleMate v4.11 [4/4]

- QWK readers & utilities 842K1stReader v2.00 QWK+TERMINAL (1-6) basic 1-2 781K1stReader (2-6) basic 2-2 484K1stReader (3-6) Spellcheck&Editor 935K1stReader (4-6) Soundfiles(WAV,some VOC) 238K1stReader (5-6) 3rd party programming 368K1stReader (6-6) .EXE file for 386 & up
bw23_dos.arj 475KBlue Wave Offline Mail Reader/DOS v2.30. A Blue Wave and QWK-compatible offline mail reader which offers the utmost ease of use and configurability. 15KCatQWK v2.2 - Program to combine two or more QWK packets from the same BBS into one. This allows you to follow threads easily across multiple QWK downloads
offli156.arj 174KOffline v1.56 - Good QWK reader
ora121.arj 224KOrator v1.21 - QWK reader for Windows
qwk.arj 4KThe Mysterious QWK file format
qwk2txt.arj 4KQWK packet translater v1.0 - Translates MESSAGES.DAT to ASCII file
qwkfmt3.arj 0KChest: CONTROL.DAT file for QWK readers (revised)
qwklay16.arj 17KQWK File Layout v1.6 - Comprehensive specification of the QWK-format. It covers everything from the format to implementation notes.
qwkspc11.arj 7KQWK mail format specification
slmr21.arj 156KSilly Little Mail Reader v2.1
sxqi100.arj 28KQWK->OPX & REP->QWK converter for use on the BBS side

- Connecting two PCs

desklink.arj 20KDesk-Link v4.04
flydutch.arj 31KData transfer LPT1<->LPT1 (Fast!)
iqnet.arj 68KNet for COM port
laplink2.lzh 56KLap-Link v2.16
u-net.arj 21KYet another PCLINK, parallel cable only (uses only 30k memory on server)
weaklink.pak 44KWeak Link v1.0a one PC becomes virtual disk
zip161.arj 27KZip v1.61

- File Transfer Protocols

bimod125.arj 168KBiModem v1.25á. Bi-directional file transfer protocol with chat
bimpro36.arj 124KBimodem Pro v3.6 89KDsz (26-Apr-94)
janus.arj 29KOpus Janus v0.22 sources
lynx302.arj 29KLynx protocol v3.02
mpt.lzh 50KPuma (MPt) v1.10 protocol
oz_111.arj 27KOpus Zmodem v1.11 sources
sealink2.arj 23KSEALink protocol w/sources 52KSmodem/DOS v0.99a - Bi-directional file transfer protocol with full screen chat
tmodem.arj 18KTModem v1.01
yzmodem.arj 56KYModem & ZModem documentation
zmod70.arj 25KZmodem v7.0

- Misc text files

1009.arj 25KRequirements for Internet gateways
1172.arj 17KPoint-to-Point Protocol 44K28800 bps modem FAQ
9600info.lzh 7KIntroduction to 9600 baud
ansicode.arj 1KANSI codes
ansix364.arj 4KANSI terminal escape sequences
asp.arj 20KProcomm Plus ASPECT script language reference
avt0.arj 3KAVATAR/0 description
crc32.arj 23KAll about CRC-32 calculation
faq16550.arj 6KFAQ: Why do I need a 16550?
fossil.arj 15KFOSSIL reference guide 0.01a
ftplis.arj 29KList of Anonymous FTP sites
hayes.arj 4KHAYES commands description
inetgate.arj 8KGuide to Inter-network E-mail
lanasync.arj 8KAsync communications in LAN
mnp.arj 4KDescription of MNP 1-9
no_noise.arj 3KHow to make filter for noisy lines
sigpol2.arj 13KSIGnet Policy 2.0
tcpdoc.arj 30KIntroduction to the Internet networking protocols (TCP/IP)
unix-dos.arj 3KUNIX to DOS mail connectivity (summary)
uucp-g.arj 14KUUCP "G" protocol description
x25doc.arj 33KX-25 standard draft

- U.S.Robotics related files 2KUSRobotics Courier V.34 undocumented commands 2KInstructions for modifying older Courier v.Everything modems to allow caller ID to operate 2KDifferences between USR Courier and Sportster V.34
dark_usr.arj 0KModem settings of The Dark Corner BBS 12KU.S.Robotics European SysOp program 5KRecovery package for a USR Courier V.FC or V.34 modem that has become inoperative because of a failed attempt to load the flash ROM 51KFree Limit Software Downloader for USRobotics Courier v.evr. (FreeLSD) v1.05
hstdsrom.arj 71KU.S.Robotics Courier HST 14.4k Dual Standard 06/13/91 ROMs
kn_sdl_e.rar 445KKonstantin Norvatoff SDL - Extended SDL 02/25/97 Bugfixed version 0.0E/Debug 33KICAP v1.01B - Retrieves USRobotics modem's ATI6 and ATI11 screens to log file
makeds09.arj 21KMakeDs v0.9á - Converts new module-structured U.S.Robotics Courier or Sportster modems to DS 16.8k
newset.arj 1KU.S.Robotics HST settings to transfer packed files at up to 3000 cps 236K06/09/95 Beta Flash ROM code for USRobotics Courier V.34 236K06/21/95 Beta Flash ROM code for USRobotics Courier V.34
sdl0705.exe 252K07/06/95 Official release Flash ROM code for USRobotics Courier V.34+. This update adds 33.6k as a new top speed!
sdl1101.exe 252K11/01/95 Official release Flash ROM code for USRobotics Courier V.34+ 292K01/23/96 Flash ROM code for USRobotics Courier V.34
sd960429.exe 473K04/29/96 Flash ROM code for USRobotics Courier V.34
sd960920.exe 713K09/20/96 Flash ROM code for USRobotics Courier V.Everything. Includes DOS based flash program and Xmodem image file. For US/Canada modems only.
sd970226.exe 911K02/26/97 Flash ROM code for USRobotics Courier V.Everything. Includes DOS based flash program and Xmodem image file. For US/Canada modems only. Includes X2 update
usrnews.arj 2KU.S.Robotics announcement on 7 new products to courier modem line (including 21.6Kbps speed)
usrorder.arj 3KHow to buy USR HST with SysOp prices
usrsdl.exe 256K12/02/94 Flash ROM code for US Robotics Courier V.34! This is current production maintenance release of V.34 code
usrundoc.arj 1KUndocumented commands of U.S.Robotics modems 2KUSRobotics Courier V.34 German model special commands
usr_prog.arj 4KFlash ROM programming protocol of the USR Courier modems 102KUSRobotics Courier V.34 manual
vfast.arj 2KU.S.Robotics V.Fast upgrade program

- Other Stuff

$ 70KModem Init Strings Database v2.1
aconv100.arj 10KConverts ANS/AVT files to ASCII
aon09.arj 7KAON for ZyXEL ( 50% of hits ) 0KSend AT commands to modem
avatar.arj 38KAvatar level 1 device driver
avt2r100.arj 6KConverts AVT screen to RADU codes
brkbox.arj 4KBrkbox v1.1 - Show modem LEDs on top of screen
gateway2.arj 5KDublicates COMx to CON
host32.arj 19KTelix script for BBS
init-200.arj 35KModem Init Strings v2.00 - Init string database for 400+ modems
logclear.arj 4KClears log files from ANSI sequences
mbbs212b.arj 13KMini BBS for Telix
mdmlight.arj 3KShow modem lights on screen 151KModem Doctor v6.0S - modem & uart diagnostics
pf.arj 5KPort finder v2.0 (Test & swap ports)
porttest.arj 31KPort Test v1.0a - Comprehensive I/O Port Diagnostics for PCs
qa_com.arj 12KUtilitie for debugging COM ports
ring.arj 0KResident RING indicator
servant.arj 17KServant v1.12 - Resident answerer
swapcom.arj 0KSwap COM1 & COM2
tlxpt104.arj 83KTelix Point Script v1.04 - A Telix Script for running a Fidonet Point under Telix 3.x
tm_iemsi.arj 7KAdd IEMSI to Telemate
uuexe520.arj 31KUUEncode/Decode v5.20
uuxfer.arj 12KUUXfer v2.0 - another UUEncode/Decode 13KX-FAX v0.1g - fast FAX printing utility. Designed for the use with TERMINATE, but also runs from the DOS commandline.

Total 15559 KBytes in 127 files
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